The Vibrations

James Johnson(lead)・Carver Bunkum(tenor)・Carl Fisher(tenor)
Dave Govan(baritone)・Richard Owens

The Jayhawks
■Counting my teardrops・The devil's cousin(Flash-105)56
■Stranded in the jungle・My only darling(Flash-109)56
■Love train・Don't mind dyin'(Flash-111)56
■Johnny's house party part 1p・Johnny's House Party part 2(Aladdin-3379)57
■The creature・Everyone should know(Aladdin-3393)57
The Marathons
■Peanut butter・Talkin' trash(Arvee-5027)61
■Peanut butter・Down in New Orleons(Argo-5027)61
■Peanut butter・Down in New Orleons(Chess-1790)61
The Vibrations
■So blue・Love me like you should(Bet-001)60
■So blue・Love me like you should(Checker-945)60
■Feel so bad・Cave man(Checker-961)60
■Doing the slop・So little time(Checker-967)60
■Continetal・The junkeroo(Checker-974)61
■Don't say goodbye・Stranded in the jungle(Checker-982)61
■Stop right now・All my love belong to you(Checker-987)61
■Let's pony again・Waht made you change your(Checker-990)61
■Oh Cindy・Over the rainbow(Checker-1002)61
■Anytime・The new hully gully(Checker-1011)62
■Humbergers on a bun・If he don't(Checker-1022)62
■May the best man win・Since I fell for you(Checker-1038)63
■Lonesome little lonely girl・Between hello and goodbye(Atlantic-2204)63
■Dancing Danny・Dancing Danny(Checker-1061)63
■My girl sloopy・Daddy woowoo(Atlantic-2221)63
■Sloop dance・Watusi time(Dkeh-7205)64
■Hello happiness・Keep on keeping you(Okeh-7212)64
■End up crying・Ain't love that way ?(Okeh-7220)65
■If I only knew・Talkin' bout love(Okeh-7228)65
■Missy・Finding out of the hard way(Okeh-7230)65
■Gina・The story of a starry night(Okeh-7238)65
■Canadian sunset・The story of a starry night(Okeh-7241)65
■Gonna Get Along Without You Now・Forgive And Forget(Okeh-7249)66
■Soul a go go・And I love her(Okeh-7257)66
■You better beware・Pick me(Okeh-7276)67
■Together・Come to yourself(Okeh-7297)67
■Love in them there hills・Remember the rain(Okeh-7311)68
■A shot of love・Tra la la la la(Amy-11006)68
■Cause you're mine・I took an overdose(Epic-10418)68
■Expressway to your heart・Who's gonna help me now(Neptune-19)69
■Smoke signals・Who's gonna help me now(Neptune-21)70
■Right on, brother, right on・Surprise party for you baby(Neptune-28)70
■Ain't no greens in Harlem・Wind up toy(Mandala-2511)72
■Man overboard・The man(Mandala-2514 )72
■Sneakin' ・When will my turn come(North Bay-307)72
■Make it last・Shake it up(Chess-2151)74
■Sloop dance・It's all over(Walter Jackson)(Okeh-4 7205)
■The love we had (stays on my mind)(The Dells)・The watusi(Collectables-Col 034547)
■The stars(The Ocapellos)・Oh Cindy(Collectables-Col 034667)
■Watusi!(Checker 2978)61
■Shout!(Okeh 14111)65
■Misty(Okeh 14112)66
■New Vibrations(Okeh 14114)67
■Taking A New Step(Mandala 3006-498)72

The Vibrations
LP Watusi!
Checker 2978

LP Shout!
Okeh 14111

LP Misty
Okeh 14112

LP New Vibrations
Okeh 14114

LP Taking A New Step
Mandala 3006-498

60年代にロサンゼルスを中心に活躍した。彼らはThe Jayhawksとしてレコーディングを始め、The MarathonsとしてもWatusi・Peanut butterの2本のヒットをR&B・ポップチャートで放っている。64年に The Vibrationsと改名し、My girl sloopyをヒットさせた。以降次第にロマンチック路線を歩んでいく。のちにOkehに移籍しLove in them there hillsを68年にヒットさせたが、71年にRichard Owensがグループを去りThe Temptationsに加入した。The Vibrationsはその後もナイトクラブなでで活動を続けたが76年に解散した。