The Fiestas

Tommy Bullock(lead)・Eddie Morris(tenor)・Sam Ingalls(baritone)・Paston Lane(bass)

The Fiestas
■So fine・Last night I dreamed(Old Town-1062)58
■So fine・Last night I dreamed(Old Town-1062)58
■Grandma gave a party・I'm your slave(Old Town-1067)59
■Our anniversary・I'm your slave(Old Town-1069)59
■Good news・That was me(Old Town-1074)59
■Dollar bill・It don't make sense(Old Town-1080)60
■You could be my girl friend・So nice(Old Town-1090)60
■Look at that girl・Mr. dillon, mr. dillon(Old Town-1104)61
■She's mine・The hobo's prayer(Old Town-1111)61
■The railroad song・Broken heart(Old Town-1122)62
■Come on everybody・Julia(Strand-25046)61
■I feel good all over・Look at that girl(Old Town-1127)62
■The gypsy said・Mama put the law down(Old Town-1134)63
■The party's over・Try it one more time(Old Town-1140)63
■Foolish dreamer・Rock-a-bye baby(Old Town-1148)63
■All that's good・Rock-a-bye baby(Old Town-1166)64
■Think smart・Anna(Old Town-1178)65
■Love is strange・Love is good to me(Old Town-1187)65
■I gotta have your lovin'・Ain't she sweet(Old Town-1189)65
■So fine・Broken heart(cCotillion-44117)71
■Sometimes storm・I can't shake your love (can't shake you loose)(Respect-2509)72
■So fine・Darling you've changed(Vigor-712)74
■Tina (the disco queen)・I'm no better than you(Chimneyville-10216)77
■Is that long enough for you・I'm gonna make myself(Chimneyville-10221)77
■ESP・One more chance(Arista-0369)78
■Thanks for the sweet memories・One more chance(Arista-0400)78
The Fabulous Fiestas
■One hurt deserves another・Keep it in the family(RCA-74 0364 )70
■One hurt deserves another・Keep it in the family(DHC-107)70

The Fiestas
CD Oh so fine
Ace CDCHD-382

ニューヨークに拠点を置いていたHy Weissの設立したOld Townレコードを訪れオーディションを受けて契約した。60年にはOld Townの社員だったRandy Stewartがメンバーとして加入している。65年にはOld Townを去った。