The Rays

Harold Miller(lead)・Walter Ford(tenor)・David Jones(tenor)・Harry James(baritone)

■Tippety・Moo goo gai-pan(Chess-1613)55
■How long must I wait ?・Second fiddle(Chess-1678)57
■How long must I wait ?・Second fiddle(Argo-1074)57
■My steady girl・Nobody loves you like I do(XYZ-100)57
■Silhouettes・Daddy cool(XYZ-102)57
■Silhouettes・Daddy cool(Cameo-117)57
■Crazy girl・Dressin' up(Cameo-1237)58
■Rags to riches・The man above(Cameo-133)58
■Souvenirs of summertime・Elevator operator(XYZ-2001)58
■Why do you look the other way ?・Zimba lulu(XYZ-600)59
■It's a cryin' shame・Mediterranean moon(XYZ-605)59
■Louie hoo hoo・Magic moon(XYZ-607)60
■Silver starlight・Old devil moon(XYZ-608)60
■An angel cried・Hope, faith and dreams(Topix-6003)61
■Are you happy now ?・Bright brown eyes(Perri-1004)62
■Sad saturday・Love another girl(Amy-900)64

The Rays
45s The Rays