Jimmy Jones and The Pretenders / The Berliners / The Savoys

Jimmy Jones(lead・37.06.02~)・William Walker(tenor)・Bobby Moore(tenor)
Melvin Walton(baritone)・Kerry Saxton(bass)

The Berliners
■Don't love you anymore・Women, women, women(Apollo-479)55
■Hurry home・Stars are in the sky(Apollo-481)55
The Savoys
■You・Say you're mine(Savoy-1188)56
■With all my heart・Say you're mine(Savoy-1586)60
■With all my heart・Please say you're mine(Savoy-1586)60
The Pretenders
■I've got to have you baby・Possessive love (Rama-198)56
■Lover・Plain old love(Rama-207)56
■Close your eyes (sleep and dream)・Part-time sweetheart(Whirlin' Disc-106)57
■Tonight・I love you so(Holiday-2610)58
■Blue and lonely・Daddy needs baby(Central-2605)58
■Blue and lonely・Daddy needs baby(Apt-25026)58
Jimmy Jones & The Pretenders
■Lover・Plain old love(Rama-210)56
■Blue and lonely・Daddy needs baby(ABC Paramount-10094)60
■Close your eyes (sleep and dream)・Part time sweetheart(Port-70040)64
Barbara Gorman & Sister Viv
■Was it just for fun・8 -o'clock date(Arrow-714)57
Jimmy Jones & The Jones Boys
■The whistlin' man・Heaven in your eyes(Arrow-717)57
Jimmy Jones
■When ever you need me・You for me to love(Epic-9339)59
■Handy man・The search is over(Cub-9049)59
■Good timin'・My precious angel(Cub-9067)60
■Thats when I cried・I just go for you(Cub-9072)60
■Itchin' yor love・Ee--I-ee-I-oh(Cub-9076)60
■For you・Ready for love(Cub-9082)60
■I told tou so・You got it(Cub-9085)61
■Dear one・I say love(Cub-9093)61
■Holler hey・Mr. music man(Cub-9102)61
■You're much too young・The nights of Mexico(Cub-9110)62
■I will, I will・I'm a gentleman(Ro Jac-1002)62
■Mr. Fix it・No insurance (for a broken heart)(Vee Jay-505)63
■Walkin'・Pardon me(Roulette-4608)65
■Don't you just know it・Dynamite(Parkway-988)66
■39-21-40 shape・Personal property(Bell-682)67
■True love ways・Snap my fingers(Bell-689)67
■If I had a hammer・Do it yourself(Gospel Truth-1215)74
■I don't mind confessing・Live and let live(Deke-5413)
■I'm so glad I got you・Do what comes natural(Deke-)
■You make me feel so good・Good timin'(Masterpiece-)86
■Handy man・Good timin' (Eric-4105)?
■Good timin'・Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye(Steam)(Collectables-04227)
■Handyman・Lazy day(Spanky & Our Gang)(Collectables-04228)
Jimmy 'Handyman' Jones
■With all my heart・Please say you're mine(Roulette-4232)60

The Candles
SP 45s I've got to have
you baby

Jimmy Jonesはこのグループ以前にもThe Berliners(Jimmy Jones・Floyd Edmonds)をドイツで結成しており、のちにThe Sparks of Rhythmと改名しデビューした。55年初頭にThe SavoysとしてニュージャージーのSavoyレコードからデビュー。メンバーはJimmy Jones・Bobby Moore・Kerry Saxton・William Walker・Melvin Walton の5人。60年頃まで活動を続けている。56年にWhirin' Diskに移籍し、The Pretendersとしてシングルデビュー。のちにTubo Kingが加入している。リードシンガーのJimmy Jones(アラバマ州・バーミンガム出身)はその後ソロとして独立し、Handy manやGood timmin'のヒットを放つ。