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[ What's Kyoshogi ] ___Kyoshogi is a brand new shogi made of 46 chess-men(10 kinds) and 10x10 chess board. The most unique rule of Kyoshogi is that the defensive hand player has a right to select initial setup (left kyo or right kyo). The rules of Kyoshogi was created by KyoshogiRengo.

[ Initial Setup of Kyoshogi ] ___There are 2 patterns in KyoShogi.

Left Kyo Setup
_____ _____
_____ _____
_B___ C__R_

___The opponent arrangement is equal to this.
___The board has 10 x 10 cells.__[Full Size Image]

___New chess-man "C" : "Doh" or "Dohsho" in Japanese. It means a copper.
___New chess-man "H" : "Kyo" or "Kyosho" in Japanese. It means a capital hill.
___The other chess-men are all same as current 9 x 9 Shogi.

Right Kyo Setup
_____ _____
_____ _____
_B__C ___R_

___The opponent arrangement is equal to this.
___The board has 10 x 10 cells.__[Full Size Image]

[ Features of KyoShogi ]___ More detailed explanation is available.

1. Improved equality to both of the players. ___ A forestalling player is no more advantageous.

2. Enlarged Shogi space of 10 x 10. ___ You can enjoy Shogi with a broadmind.

3. New chess-men "Kyo" and "Doh" bring a variety of moves. ___ You can really enjoy new types of moves.

4. Chess board of 9 x 9 is also selectable, which is same as current Shogi. ___ It's recommended for people who prefer 9 x 9 board.

5. Very simple rule of a draw ___ It's a happy news for those who feel complication or irritation with a current rule.

Computor Software of Kyoshogi

"Prepared for Windows95/NT4.0 ---"

Download of Kyoshogi software The program version is 1.03 and it's size is about 513KBytes. Please make a shortcut by yourself after extending the program on your favourable place.
___ Before download

Tsume Kyoshogi Corner(27th)

___ What's Tsume Kyoshogi : It's needed to contain Kyo,although Doh isn't necessary.
Chess-men arrangement

Chess-men which you have

___ From the top row to the bottom, a,b,c,d,e,f are attached respectively.

___ Moves of "Kyo" and "Doh" are explained Here or you can see them in the former introduced software.

"Library of tsume kyoshogi": Former questions and answers are compiled.

Miscellaneous items

___ A simple rule of a draw
As you know well, a capital city of Japan is Tokyo. And before Tokyo, Kyoto was the capital. So you can easily understand that "-kyo" means a capital hill in Japan. In Kyoshogi,"kyo" is usually one of small types of chess men. But when you want "nyugyoku", kyo becomes essential. When both of the players are aiming at a nyugyoku, only the person who holds two chessmen of kyo can declare a win. If both of the players have a kyo respectively, a game is a draw. Don't you think that this rule is simple and smart?

___ Lebel of Kyoshogi software
Nowadays shogi software is becoming stronger. In the present Kyoshogi software, 5 people of artificial brain are prepared(one for free soft). However they are all insufficient compared to the commercially available strongest ones. Of course we'll try to advance the present software, but at the same time we have a conviction that even the current software it's enough for you to experience and enjoy a new advanced shogi format.

___ Background of Kyoshogi
Nobunaga Oda(1534-1582) liked to dance with the words "Man's life is 50 years. When looking around the world,it's almost like a dream or illusion. Once born in this world, Nobody can keep away from a death." At his age today's shogi became popular game. 400 years has passed since then and the life span of the Japanese is reaching 80 years.At a glance kyoshogi may be regarded as a slow game,but we are confident that it is suitable for a today's people who want a broadmind.

___ As for KyoshogiRengo
KyoshogiRengo was founded for the sake of carring major role concerning Kyoshogi. From now on,we are intended to publicize Kyoshogi. Adding Kyoshogi on the current shogi, we think that Japanese shogi culture can be more fruitful and enjoyable.

mail adressKyoshogiRengo
President : Aritsune Zenshowji

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