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1. freewares

1.1 rvf mp3 converter

rvf to mp3 conversion converter convert translate translator translation format reformat re-format compress compression compressing encode encoding coding recoding re-coding

supported model:
TalkMaster RIR-100 produced from SUNCORPORATION (Japan)

maybe supports other OEM models below;
DDR-4000 manufactured by DIASONIC Technology Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Radio YourWay produced from PoGo! Products, Inc. (USA)

2. reviews

2.1 Philips streamium MC-i200 user review

for Japanese, Japanese version here.

3. photos

3.1 cars in Czech and Germany(in Japanese)

4. memos

4.1 OneSeg24 for Linux install memo(in Japanese)

4.2 OneSeg24 for Linux with UOT-100 on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server install memo(in Japanese)

4.3 OneSeg24 for Linux with Siano on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server install memo(in Japanese) updated!

5. DIYs

5.1 Making Kagamine Rin Chan's RemoCon(in Japanese) updated!

6. DTM

6.1 tettette(in Japanese) new!


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