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Here You can see Quaser's activities of each periods.
the 1st period, the 2nd period, the 3rd period. At present Quaser is in the 3rd period.
to Top of this Page The 1st period(1976-1977)/Tokyo Lives

In 1976, Morita(Vo,G,B,Key), Matuura(Key) & Nakama(Ds) formed Quaser of the 1st Period.
Quaser played "Tarkus", "Karn Evil#9" and 40 minutes long original song. They played at many live houses in Tokyo.
Those days, there were many progressive bands like "Hatenkou", "Space Circus", "Prism". Quaser was famous among those bands with aggressive play.
Morita also have got to be familiar with progressive bands in Kansai-district. Especially he met Yozox Yamamoto of "Ain-Soph". Years later they met again to reform Quaser.


Mainly in Tokyo
to Top of this Page The 2nd period(1978-1982)/Fukuoka - Tokyo Lives
In 1978, Matsuura returned Fukuoka to manage Solfe Music School. Morita and Nakama followed to go on Quaser and to accomplish their music.
There was no way for Morita and Nakama but to follow. Quaser moved to Fukuoka.

In 1979 Nakama left the band.
Instead of Nakama, Kamozaki who was the producer of Fukuoka Yamaha joined. And young guitarist Korenaga found by Kamozaki joined. The 2nd period started. They composed many songs and demo-tapes.
Matsuura start to sing. Thus Quaser had double vocal and melodic guitar sounds. The music style of Quaser was founded.

80's Factory(Fukuoka Pref.) etc.

Mainly in Kyusyu district
In 1980 Quaser moved to Tokyo again and succeeded in contraction of Alfa Record INC. Early 80's in Tokyo, a movement of rock band rising, also Quaser played at live houses in Tokyo.


Mainly in Tokyo
1982 But the movement is not for progressive rocks. Quaser couldn't find their way on this movement. At last, Quaser conflicted to pop-oriented direction of company. The 2nd period ended.
Each member has gotten each way. Morita came back to his hometown, Kobe.

to Top of this Page The 3rd period(1993-)/Kobe Lives
1993 Morita seemed to stop all music activities. But he got digital instruments and newly started to compose in secret.

In March 1993, He met Yozox of Ain-Soph again. Asking Yozox to play guitar on some new materials. Soon they decided to collaborate for new project.
At first the project meant Morita's solo work. But it gradually changed to reform Quaser project.

No live
1994 The 1st album "Out from Quaser" was released from MARQUEE Belle Antique. Neo symphonic-prog sounds were born.
Out from Quaser

Morita made up his mind to start live activities. First, a bassist, Nakatsuhama came. Next, a drammer, Katayama(ex:MIDAS) joined. The 3rd period started as a live band.

27 Aug : Otoya(Kobe)
1995 But tragedy happened, big earthquake attacked Kobe and everything stopped. Fortunately members were all safe but were obliged to restore their lifeline for some month. After such hell days, a new guitarist showed up, his name was Katsuura.

12 Jan : Otoya(Kobe)
29 June : Otoya(Kobe)
1996 Katayama's recording studio "The Experiment Studio" was damaged little, Quaser started recordings for 2nd album.
Memorial first recording is "Doomsday", that song is influenced by impressions of earthquake.

20 Feb : Chicken George(Kobe)
3 July : Otoya(Kobe)
1997 Katsuura started to compose with his outstanding gutar play.
Morita arranged Katsuura's materials. "Anastasia" and "King of Pancrase" were composed as a collaboration of them.

10 Feb : Chicken George(Kobe)
"The Progressive"
with Toshimi Project
1998 For recordings, Katayama prepared Akai-12ch digital recorder, Tascom Mixer and Emagic Logic.

15 Feb : Cashbox(Kobe)
15 Sep : AM Hall(Osaka)
"Progressive Hard Night"
with Bellaphon, Azorth, etc...
08 Nov : Chicken George
1999 2nd album "Remergence" was released from Marquee Belle Antique.5 years have passed since 1st album.

After 2nd album release Nakatuhama left and new bassist Yamaguchi joined.

14 Nov : Big Wave(Kobe)
2000 Tokyo tour at Silver Elephant with Bellaphon. This tour was reviewed by "Euro Rock Press".
Euro Rock Press(MARQUEE) Euro Rock Press page

And 2nd album Remergence was reviewed by "Strange Days" No.8.
Strange Days

After Tokyo tour, Quaser started to composed new materials for next album.

08 March : Silver Elephant(Kichijouji)
with Bellaphon
2001 Yamaguchi left Quaser. Without rhythm section, Morita tried unit format with Katsuura and rhythm sequencer. The unit was called "Petit Quaser" for a while. Besides many bassist came for audition.

The end of year 2001, a new bassist Fujii joined(also bassist of Show-Yen).

10 Feb : Chicken George
with Makin'Love
8 Apr : Club Junk(Kobe)
3 May : Nestsaloon(Osaka)
with Brainsalad
as Petit Quaser.
23 Jun : Brandnew(Osaka)
with Roses, Cloud forest
as Petit Quaser.
2002 On 22 May. Solo live at Wacawaca.
This is the 1st live for new bassist Fujii.

Now Quaser was activated indeed.
On 31st July "Progressive phoenix in Kobe" at Chicken George. Quaser played with Bellaphon and Scope. Performance was quite good. Morita played improvisation with Scope.
31Jul02@Chicken George(Kobe)31Jul02Morita@Chicken George(Kobe)31Jul02Fujii&Katsuura@Chicken George31Jul02Katayama@Chicken George

After summer lives Quaser started recordings for the 3rd album and to blush up concept and design, "Project Q3" started. And designer Oshimoto joined this project with band members.

22 May : Wacawaca(Kobe)
31 Jul : Chicken George
"Progressive Phoenix in Kobe"
with Bellaphon, Scope
2003 21March, New Quaser Official Website opend

19July, Quaser joined "Datetenryu Live2003"at Kobe Uwaya Gekijou
Genshi, Yoshiaki Katoh(ex:Murahachibu), Hiroshi(ex:Zunoh Keisatsu)&Portcuss, Jutaro&Anjie, Datetenryu, and Quaser.
Quaser showed execellent ensamble with tunes from 3rd album"Phase Transition" nearly released.

01Oct, 3rd Album Phase Transition (Flap Record/FLPR-001) released.
Phase Transition
In Nov, Quaser performed Live Tour in Tokyo,Osaka,Kobe. Set list of the tour is mainly from new 3rd album ,and additionally showed new song "Enemy God and Dance"(from Procofiev's Schytian Suit).

19Jul Kobe Uwaya Gekijou
Datetenryu Live 2003
Genshi, Yoshiaki Katoh(ex:Murahachibu), Hiroshi(ex:Zunoh Keisatsu)&Portcuss, Jutaro&Anjie

02Nov Tokyo Silver Elephant
with Show-Yen, MoonStone.
03Nov Osaka Live Square Second Line with Various bands of Oikoshi-Kinshi.
29Nov Kobe(Hankyu-Rokko) Maden Voyage
with world-min, Sis Grusoudo