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Re-sharpening the knives for dough.Capped products purchased at the re-sharpening of our shop is free and secular. And when you have a booth nearby prefectures, please feel free have it ready by the day, so very convenient. Return shipping is also available upon re-shipment will be borne by your sharpener. Most obvious way cheaper goods shipped by Japan Postal Service, Please note that the two may be more expensive when it comes to this. More than two but EXPACK500, Posupaketto, your virtue becomes the Yu-Pack etc., and odd shaped EXPACK500, Posupaketto, do not forget to put stamps or return minutes worth of return shipping and return address must also target ships in the Yu-Pack Please. Finished during and after our arrival one day to the basics, so sometimes delays in content, such as work or while traveling, please always check by phone. For shipments outside the shaped, easily roll back the calendar, etc. Thank you for a white paper in a box with a knife (too heavy and will roll) Please write a post office address in ships, as well as sharpening generation free, except for third-party products and we will and will pay for the rate of re-sharpening will be answered by telephone.We support the size and price listed below, please reference to the degree, please check your post office or at home Japan Post near you always. ※ hurry, when you can get by courier. Odd shaped mail. Shaped by different amounts out of each weight. 50g to 120 yen, 100g to 140 yen, 150g to 200 yen, 250g to 240 yen, 500g up 390 yen, 1kg to 580 yen, 2kg up to 850 yen, 4kg to 1,150 yen. Posupakketto. 1kg addressed by uniform national seal was below 400 yen, contact us at our postal and delivery. Corresponding size, 34cm × 25cm (A4 size large) or less, the thickness is within 3.5cm. EXPACK500 (Ekusupakku 500) Into two square cardboard envelope specification wholly dedicated envelope (248mm × 340mm) in, A4-size plain paper if possible inclusion size is approximately 250 copies.Up to 30kg weight, A + B + C = 1.7m is within the original information and shipping prices vary for different size, please contact your local post office.BR> 手打ち刃物研ぎ。

Products are made in Japan, homemade knife workshop was the finest tradition, Oyama / cutlery Oyama

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