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About 105 years before things go back, then is said to be the origin of the knife Kawajiri, who started the swordsmith fell in the wake of the wave parallel to the Muromachi period and into the Edo period, another house Hosokawa Kono Kawaziri to protect sensitive land and thick, features a knife blade Kawajiri Kawajiri PHP has also developed shipbuilding and woodworking along with the "interrupt forged" manufacturing methods are called. This "interruption forging" technique that is tucked into high-quality steel ingots called soft iron pole, Iki and trained by hand, knives are made this way is of course excellent sharpness, and durability .Yes, I was told to sustain its sharpness longer. Kawajiri knives to be trained by hand thus, the war and 50 were produced by a half-dozen blacksmith, the first blade technology Sono Kawashiri: to learn the technique of choice as a place to practice the end Hee Koyama, Uto city with good water quality .We have been the origin of the knife is brought to Oyama.Oyama Hiroyuki father was still young at 10-something: Just when the end of Deta Hee died in the acquisition of skills, including putting in practice under hee ... after this weekend to support the dough blade small Oyama Hiroyuki Yamaga and vegetarian and sticks, the current form of this homemade knives now 』Koyama. Koyama Haruki (our owners) is the eldest son: the flow of inheritance and a homemade knife under Hiroyuki training, the eldest son of the owner Yasuo after decades of this homemade knife 『Oyama』 father and a few years in training two separate people, as a branch has 『Oyama』 homemade knife workshop was established. Currently, we 』Oyama studio working on a homemade knife in one of the items of your voice. Oyama homemade knife workshop


Products are made in Japan, homemade knife workshop was the finest tradition, Oyama / cutlery Oyama

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