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Profile of Tetsuhide Yamasaki and Summary of Arctic Activities

Tetsuhide Yamasaki : Dog Sled Arctic Explorer

Born in October 1967 in Hyogo Prefecture.

Grew up in Fukui Prefecture andspent the rest of hischildhood in Kyoto Prefecture.

Currently lives in Takatsuki, Osaka and is a father of two.

After completing a solo river rafting down the Amazon River in 1988, he has made multiple expeditions to Greenland since 1989 and learned dog sledding and hunting techniques from the Eskimos in Northwest Greenland. Conducted numerous observational surveys in the Arctic and participated in the 46th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. Currently, in addition to engaging in the Avangnaq Arctic Environmental Research Activity Project using dog sledding, he is working towards establishing a sister city partnership between Northwest Greenland and Japan.

Current Positions:
Executive Director of the Avangnaq Arctic Project
Director of the Arctic Observation Support Organization
Member of the Japan Society of Snow and Ice
Member of the Arctic Club
Member of the Antarctic Club

2009- Winner of the 4th Annual Montbell Challenge Award
2011- Winner of the International Soroptimist Japan Foundation Environmental Contribution Award

2013- —Go! A Dog Sleds — Eskimo Dogs of the North Pole (Self Published)
2015- The Arctic Adventures of Eskimo Dogs (Kindle Version, UP BOOK&MAGAZINES)
2018- Through the Eyes of a Dog Sled Explorer: The Mysterious World of the North Pole (repicbook)