Let's practice a conversation in English or Japanese !  


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Generally speaking, a native Japanese residing in Japan does not feel necessity nor has opportunities to exchange conversation in English language, since Japanese language does everything. Similarly, in foreign countries, the local people who are learning Japanese there as a foreign language rarely have an opportunity for daily conversation in Japanese.

However, conversations constitute the vital part in learning foreign languages. They develop the speaking and listening skills in chain reactions.

But in the Internet age, the geographical restrictions can be overcome, because you can achieve global communications over Skype.



Call to "oneupmanship1", I am sure that the opportunity will help develop your study of English or Japanese. I am expecting your call or text message. This is offered on a volunteer basis and for free.
Skypeで"oneupmanship1"に電話を下さるか、text messageを送ってください。きっとあなたの日本語や英語の学習に役立つと思います。では電話をお待ちしています。 ボランティアですので無料です。


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