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Last updated on May. 1, 2019. Special Photo Gallery 9600 Steam loco. on Yubari Railway was opened. Old Steam Locomotives (Type 9600) were working on JNR Yonesaka line in JAPAN till March,14th,1972. Here is a photo gallery of old steam locomotives in Japan

59634 Freight Train on Rice field between Nishi-Yonezawa and Minami-Yonezawa

Photo Gallery of Steam Locomotives on Yonesaka Line

1.Clear day in snowy season
2.Snowy Weather
3.On Slope
4.Double Header
6.Depot & Station
7.Yonezawa shop
8.Switching work
9.Body of 9600 Type
10.Finale of 9600 Type
11.C11 Type on Yonesaka line
12.Utsu pass
13.Now & Then, Yonezawa station & Shop
14.Now & Then, Yonesaka line
15.Now & Then, Ohu line(Yamagata Shinkansen)
16.Now & Then of Flower Nagai line

Special Photo Gallery
Kiha40 & 41 on Bantan-Line (from May.1, 2019 to June.1)

Sounds of Steam Locomotive on Yonesaka Line

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