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last update: May 5, 2013
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Current Main Theme

Exprloring inside the blackbox of museum studies; backyards are the keys
Formation Mechanism of eAuthentic Culturef: International Comparison of Renewal Processes of Museum Exhibition
Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientist, JSPS (2013-2017)

Selected Sub Themes

The colonial origin of the partiality for Korean white porcelains
Enterpreneur Gisaku Tomita and His Korean Celadon Revival Project: An Anthropological Case Study on Colonial Agents
Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientist, JSPS (2010-2014)

Why has Andon region been well-known for Korean historical elites? What's hidden on the back?
An Anthropological Study of Yangban and Its Cultural Dynamism in Metropolitan Area of Korea
Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientist, JSPS (2008-2011)

Historical anthropology of 386 generation, or anthropology of generation
Integration and Implosion of Contemporary Political History, and Beyond: An Anthropological Study on Korean Narrativity and Recognition
Dissertation Research (1998-2007)

Anthropology of knowledge in an enormously intelligence-oriented society
Anthropological Study on the Influence of Modern Knowledge System in 20th Korea
Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientist, JSPS (2004-2006)


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