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Albeniz I. (1860-1909)
A-8-1608 "CATALUNIA",Suite populaire pour orchestre No.1 (MPHM)
A-8-1514 IBERIA No.1 "Evocation" arr. E.F.Arbos (EME)
A-8-1516 IBERIA No.2 "Fete Dieu a Seville" arr. E.F.Arbos (EME)
A-8-1519 IBERIA No.3 "Triana" arr. E.F.Arbos (EME)
A-8-1672 IBERIA No.4 "El puerto" arr. E.F.Arbos (EME)
A-8-1520 IBERIA No.5 "El Albaicin" arr. E.F.Arbos (EME)
A-8-2321 Rapsodia Espanola para Piano y Orquesta, ed. C. Halffter (UME)

Albinoni T. (1671-1750)
A-3-0731 Adagio ed.Giazzoto R. (NH) 

Albrechtsberger J.G. (1736-1809)
A-9-1616a Concertino for Ob. and Orch. (ES)
A-9-1616b Notturno for Ob. and Orch. (ES)

Alexandrov An. N. (1888-1982)
A-5-1167 Classical Suite for Orch. Op.32 (SK)
A-5-1478 Rusian Folk Song Melodies for Orch. Op.98 (MA)
A-5-2001 Overture on Theme Russian Folksongs Op.29 (GMI=UE)

Alfven H. (1872-1960)
A-14-2181 Symphony No.1 f-moll Op.7(CGMS)
A-14-2322 Symphony No.2 D-dur Op.11 (WH)
A-14-1943 Symphony No.3 E-dur Op.23 (CGMS)
A-14-2310 Symphony No.4 c-moll Op.39 from the Outermost Skerries (ER)
A-14-1912 EN SKARGARDSSAGEN(A Legend of the Skerries) Op.20 (CGMS)
A-14-2165 Svensk Rapsodie Nr.1 "Midsommervaka" Op.19 (WH)
A-14-2174 Svensk Rapsodie Nr.3 "Dala-Rhapsodien" Op.47 (WH)
A-14-2259 "A Country tale" Suite for Full Orchestra (CGMS) 
A-14-2228 Four Melodies from Leksand for Small Orchestra (CGMS)
A-14-2216 Cossack-Lullaby for String Orchestra (CGMS)

Alwyn W. (1905-1985)
A-12-1829 Symphony No.1 (LEN)
A-12-1834 Symphony No.2 (LEN)
A-12-1862 Symphony No.4 (LEN)
A-12-2403 Concerto Grosso No.1 for Small Orch. (LEN)

Amirov F.M.D.O. (1922-1984)
A-4-1103 Symphonic Dance (MA)
A-4-1851 "Schur", Azerbaizhanskii Mugan for Orch. (AGMI)
A-4-1479 "KLUDI-OBSHAR`", Azerbaizhanskii Mugan for Orch. (GMI)

Arensky A. (1861-1906)
A-1-1638 Symphony No.1 Op.4 (MPHM)
A-1-1530 Overture from the Opera"A Dream on the Volga" (EFK)
A-1-0831 2nd Suite"Silhouettes"for Orch. Op.23 (Y)
A-1-0834 Variation on a Thema of Tchaikovsky Op.35a (MA)
A-1-2057 Variation on a Thema of Tchaikovsky Op.35a (EFK)
A-1-0001 Fantasy on a Thema of Ryabinin for Piano and Orch. (Y)
A-1-0764 "Baxchisaraisky Fontan" for Orchestra (Y)

Arriaga (1806-1826)
A-15-2352 Ouverture zur Oper "Los esclavos felices" (MPHM)

Arnold M. (1921-2006)
A-6-1398 Philharmonic Concerto Op.120 (FM)
A-6-1445 Overture"Peterloo"Op.97 (FM)
A-6-1554 Four Cornish Dances Op.91(FM)
A-6-2241 English Dances Set 1 (LEN)
A-6-2242 English Dances Set 2 (LEN)
A-6-2416 Four Scottich Dances (PP)
A-6-1394 Concerto for Two Vl. and String Orch. Op.77 (FM)
A-6-1458 Concerto for Vla. and Chamber Orch. Op.108 (FM)
A-6-1467 Concerto for Fl. and Chamber Orch. Op.111 (FM)
A-6-1434 Concerto for Cl. and Orch. No.2 (FM)
A-6-1460 Concerto for Trp. and Orchestra Op.125 (FM)

Arutiunian A. (1920-2012)
A-2-0002 Concerto for Wind instruments with Orch. (SK)
A-2-1011 Concerto for Trp. and Orchestra (ZN)

Atterberg K. (1887-1974)
A-10-2288 Suite for Vln, Vla, and String Orchestra Op.19 no.3 (eriks)
A-10-1721 Ballade und Passacaglia uber ein Thema im schwedischen Volkston Op.38 (EU)
A-10-2239 "The Wise and The Foolish Virgins", Rhapsody on old Swedish folk songs for 
Small Orch. Op.17 (CGMS)

Auber D.F.E. (1782-1871)
A-7-1475 Ouverture zu Opera"Fra Diavolo" (EU)

Aubert L.F.M. (1877-1968)
A-13-1867 Suite Breve (DU)
A-13-1856 Habanera pour Orch. (DU)
A-13-1863 Offerande pour Orch. (DU)
A-13-1865 "Dryade"Tableau Musical (DU)
A-13-1861 "Feuille d`Images", Cinq pieces enfantines pour Orch. (DU)

Bacewicz G. (1909-1969)
B-37-2289 Divertimento for String Orchetsra (PWM)

Bach J.S. (1685-1750)
B-1-0003 371 vierstimmige Choralgesange (BK)
B-1-0917 Magnificat (P)
B-1-0739 Johannes pasion (PA)
B-1-0006 St. Mattew Passion (PH)
B-1-0605 St Mattew Passion (D)
B-1-0007(a,b) Messe h-moll (EFK)
B-1-1055 Messe h-moll (DVfM)
B-1-0740 Weihachts oratorium (P)
B-1-0008 The Art of Fugue (BH)
B-1-0009 Musical Offering (OGT)
B-1-0004 Concerto for Two Violins with Orch. (NH)
B-1-0702(a-d) Suite no.1,2,3,4. (ZEN)
B-1-0005 Six Brandenbrug concerto (MZ)
B-1-1056 Six Brandenbrug concerto (DVfM) 
B-1-0683(a-e) Selected Concertos (BGS)
B-1-0683a Concerto for Vl with Orch. d-moll BWV 1052
B-1-0683b Concerto for Ob with Orch A-Dur BWV 1055
B-1-0683c Concerto for Vl with Orch. g-moll BWV1056
B-1-0683d Concerto for Ob, Vl with Orch. c-moll BWV1060
B-1-0683e Concerto for Three Vls with Orch. D-Dur BWV1064
B-1-0703(a,b,c) The Three Violin Concerti (D) BWV1041,1042,1043
B-1-0704(a-g) The six concerti for Harpshicords and Orch. (D) 
a. d-moll BWV 1052
b. E-Dur BWV 1053
c. D-Mur BWV 1054
d. A-Dur BWV 1055
e. f-moll BWV 1056
f. F-Dur BWV 1057
g. G-dur BWV 1058
B-1-0757(a-f) Complete Concertos for two or more Chambalo (D)
a. Concerto for 2 Chambalo c-moll BWV1060
b. Concerto for 2 Chambalo C-Dur BWV1061
c. Concerto for 2 Chambalo c-moll BWV1062
d. Concerto for 3 Chambalo d-moll BWV1063
e. Concerto for 3 Chambalo C-Dur BWV1064
f. Concerto for 4 Chambalo a-moll BWV1065
B-1-2388 Praludiuam und Fuge in Es-dur, Orchestration by A. Schoenberg (UE)
B-1-2199 Fantasia and Fugue in C minor for Full Orch. transcribed by E.Elgar (NVL)
B-1-1765 "ARIA", from the Ouverture No.3 in D major, Orchestration by Stokowski (BBL)
B-1-1740 Choral variations"Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme", Orch-tion by Bantock (LML)
B-1-1831 Chaconne from Partita No.2, Orchestration by Mxamilian Steinberg form Busoni`s 
Piano Transcriprion (EFK)

Bagdonas V. (1929-2009)
B-32-1956 "Vil`nyusskaya Mozaika" Simfonichaeskaya Poema (SK)

Balakirev M. (1837-1910)
B-2-1367 Symphony No.2 (MPHM)
B-2-1875 Suite for Orch. h-moll (MA)
B-2-0010 Symphonic poem"Tamara" (MZ)
B-2-0011 Symphonic poem"V Chexi" (GMI)
B-2-0012 Overture"Rusi" (MA)
B-2-0013a Overture on a Three Russian Thema (MA)
B-2-0013b Overture on a Three Rusisian Thema (GMI)
B-2-0014 Concerto for Piano and Orch. No.1 ((GMI))
B-2-0621a Oriental fantasy"ISLAMEY"arr. S.Lyapunov (MA)
B-2-0621b Oriental fantasy"ISLAMEY"arr. Al.Casella (MA)

Balanchibavadze A. (1906-1992)
B-33-1961 Symphony No.1 (GOMS)

Baltin A. A. (born 1931)
B-18-0722 Concerto for Mezzo-soprano and Orch. (SK)
B-18-1058 Concerto for Vc. and Orch. (SK)

Barber S. (1910-1981)
B-13-1511 First Essay for Orchestra No.1 (SCH)
B-13-1852 Second Essay for Orchestra No.2 (SCH)
B-13-1441 Symphony No.1 (SCH)
B-13-1980 Toccata Festiva Op.36 (SCH)
B-13-1247 Overture"The school for scandal" (SCH)
B-13-1435 Serenade for String Orch. op.1 (AMP)
B-13-0705 Adadio for String Orch. (SCH)
B-13-1236 Concerto for Vl. and Orch. Op.14 (SCH) 
B-13-1513 Concerto for Vc. and Orch. Op.22 (SCH)
B-13-1432 Concerto fot Piano and Orch. Op.38 (SCH)

Bartok B. (1881-1945)
B-3-0890 Divertisment for String Orchestra (BH)
B-3-0015a Concerto for Orchestra (BH)
B-3-0015b Concerto for Orchestra (MA)
B-3-0016 Dance Suite (PH)
B-3-0017 Music for instruments, perc. and celesta (PH)
B-3-0018 Symphonic poem"Kossuth" (EMB) 
B-3-0874 Suite no.1 for Symphony Orch. (EMB)
B-3-0873 Suite no.2 for Symphony Orch. (MA)
B-3-0019 Rhapsody for Piano and Orch. (EMB)
B-3-1579 First Rhapsody for Vl. and Orch. (BH)
B-3-0641 Scerzo for Piano and Orch. (EMB)
B-3-0977 Concerto for Paino and (PH)
B-3-0921 Concerto for Piano and (PH)
B-3-0959 Concerto for Piano and (BH)
B-3-0872 Concerto for Vl. and Orch. no.1 (MA)
B-3-0978 Concerto for Vl. and Orch. no.2 (BH)
B-3-1914 Concerto for Vla. and Orch. by T.Serly (BH)
B-3-0021 Sonata for Two Piano and Percussion ((BH))
B-3-1383 Concerto for Two Piano and Percussion and Orch. (BH)
B-3-0805 Roumanian Dance Op.8a no.1 Ed. D.Delle (EMB)
B-3-0023 Roumanian Two Dances Op.8 Ed. L.Weiner (EMB)
B-3-0024 Hungarian Pictures (EMB)
B-3-0806 Two Images (EMB)
B-3-0807 Two Portraits (EMB)
B-3-0674 Rumanian Folk Dances, arr. P.Bartok (UE)
B-3-0897 Dance of Transylvanian for Symphony Orch. (EMB)
B-3-0698 Dance of Transylvanian for String Orch., arr. G.Darvos (EMB)
B-3-0699a Four Small Dances, arr. G.Darvos (EMB)
B-3-0699b Six Hungarian Folksongs, arr. G.Darvos (EMB)
B-3-1304 Cantata Profana (BH)
B-3-1391 The Wooden Prince Op.13 Fullscore (EMB)
B-3-0994 Pantmime"The Wonderful mandarin"Op.19(with ed. concert suite)Fullssore (PH)
B-3-0025 Opera"Duke Bluebeard`s Catsle"(PH)Fullscore
B-3-0026 Opera"Duke Bluedeard`s Catsle"(MA)Pianoscore

Barraud H. (1900-1997)
B-29-1915 Divertimento pour Orchestre (BH)
B-29-1932 Rapsodie Cartesienne, pour Orchestre (BH)

Bax A. (1883-1953)
B-30-1929 Overture to a Picaresque Comedy (CHAP)
B-30-2361 Symphony No.1 (CHAP)
B-30-2373 Symphony No.3 (CHAP)
B-30-2385 Symphony No.5 (CHAP)
B-30-2366 Symphony No.6 (CHAP)
B-30-2303 "The Gaerden of Fand" for Orchestar (MURDOH)

Beethoven L.v. (1770-1827)
B-4-0027 Six Overtures (D)
B-4-0027a Overture to Coriolanus Op.62
B-4-0027b Leonore Overture No.1 Op.138
B-4-0027c Leonore Overture No.2 Op.72
B-4-0027d Leonore Overture No.3 Op.72
B-4-0027e Overture to"Fidelio" Op.72
B-4-0027f Overture to"Egmont" Op.84 
B-4-1395 Ouverture to "Egmont" Op.84 (PH)
B-4-0031 Overture"Leonore No.3" Op.72a (BK) 
B-4-0031a Overture"Leonore" No.3 Op.72 (BK)
B-4-0028 Overture to "Prometheus" Op43 (P) 
B-4-0029 Overture to "Ruinen von Athen" Op.113 (P) 
B-4-0030 Overture to "King Stephan" Op.117 (P)
B-4-0620 Overture to "Die Weihe des Hauses" Op.124 (P)
B-4-0966 Grosse Ouverture "Zur Namensfeier" Op.115 (EU)
B-4-0670 12 KONTRETANZE WoO.14 (EMB)
B-4-1517 12 German Dances WoO.8 (BH)
B-4-0032 Symphony no.1 (P)
B-4-0033 Symphony no.3 (P)
B-4-0034 Symphony no.4 (P)
B-4-0035 Sympnony no.5 (ZEN)
B-4-0035a Symphony no.5 (GMI)
B-4-0036 Symphony no.6 (BK)
B-4-0104 Symphony no.7 (PH)
B-4-0037 Symphony no.7 (P) 
B-4-0038 Symphony no.8 (PH)
B-4-0039a Symphony no.9 (P)
B-4-0039b Symphony no.9 (ZEN)
B-4-0732 Symphony no.9 (BK)
B-4-0824 Symphony no.9 (MA)in Russian language
B-4-0040(a.b.c.d) Symphony nos.1-4 (D)
B-4-0041(a.b.c) Symphony nos.5-7 (D) 
B-4-0042(a.b.c.d.e) Piano concertos nos.1-5 (D)
B-4-0043(a.b.c) String Quartets nos.13-15 (ZEN) 
B-4-0044(a.b) Strings Quartets nos.16, "Grosse fuge"(ZEN)
B-4-0045 Violinkonzert D-dur Op.61 (P)
B-4-0871 Romanzen for Vl and Orch. Op.40,50 (P)
B-4-0643 Tripel-konzert C-dur Op.56 (P)
B-4-0797 Piano concerto in Es-dur (EU)
B-4-0821(a-g) Complete works-X/2 (HV)
B-4-0821a Choral fantasy Op.80
B-4-0821b Meeres Stille und Gluckliche Fahrt Op.112
B-4-0821c Elegischer Gesang Op.118
B-4-0821d Iher weisen Grunder gluklicher Staaten Op.95
B-4-0821e Opferlied. Fruhere Fassung.
B-4-0821f Bundeslied. Fruhere Fassung.
B-4-0821g Opferlied Op.121b
B-4-0821h Bunderslied Op.122
B-4-0100A Christ on the mounten of Olives Op.85 (D)
B-4-0100B Mass C-dur Op.86 (D)
B-4-0808 Missa C-dur Op.86 (BK)
B-4-0046 Missa Solemnis (D)
B-4-0047 Opera"Fiderio" (P) 
B-4-0756 "Egmont" Musik zu Goethe`s Trauespiel (MA)Fullscore

Bellini V. (1801-1835)
B-19-1183 Opera"La sonnambula"(RI) Fullscore
B-19-1196 Opera"Norma"(RI) Fullsocre

Berio L. (1925-2003)
B-22-1253 Concertino per Cl. solo-Vln. Celesta, arpa e archi (UE)

Berkeley L. (1903-1989)
B-28-1885 Divertiment in B flat for Orch. (CE)
B-28-1938 Nocturne for Orchestra (CE)
B-28-1889 Sinfonietta for Orchestra (CE)
B-28-1910 Symphony No.1 (CE)
B-28-2364 Suite "A Winters Tale" for Orchestra (CE)
B-28-2097 Concerto for Vln. and Chamber Orchestra (CE)
Ins -1900 "Mont Juic",Suite of Cataklan Dances for Orch. by L.Berkeley&B.Britten (BH)

Bernstain L. (1918-1990)
B-12-0642 Symphonic Dance from "West Side Story"(SK)
B-12-1627(a.b.c.d.) Orchestral anthology vol.2(BH)
B-12-1627a Overture to Candiede
B-12-1627b Symphonic Suite "On the Waterfront"
B-12-1627c Prelude, Fugue and Riffs
B-12-1627d Divertimento for Orchestra

Berg A. (1885-1935)
B-5-0048 Violinkonzert (PH)
B-5-0898 Lyric Suite (PH)
B-5-1150 Kommerkonzert (UE)Fullscore
B-5-0918 Kommerkonzert (UE)Pianoscore
B-5-0967 5 Orchester-Lieder Op.4 nach Ansichtkartentexten von P. Altenberg (UE)
B-5-0985 3 pieces for Orchestra Op.6 (PH)
B-5-1154 "Der Wein"Konzertarie mit Orchester (OH)
B-5-1311 Sieben fruhe Lieder (UE)
B-5-0986 Suite"Lulu" (UE)
B-5-2265 Drei Bruchstucke fur Gesang und Orchester aus der Opera"WOZZECK"(UE)
B-5-1000 Opera"Wozzeck" (UE)Fullscore
B-5-1099 Opera"Wozzeck" (MA)Pianoscore

Berger J. (1909-2002)
B-36-2065 Short Overture for Strings (SCH)
B-36-2087 Sinfonia di San Petronio for Three Trumpets and String Orchestra (JSMP)

Berger Th. (1905-1992)
B-35-2107 "Malinconia Op.5 and Rondino Giocoso Op.4", Two Pieces for String Orch. (PH)
B-35-2050 Impression for Orchestra Op.8 (UE)
B-35-1995 "Legende of Eugen", for Orchestra Op.11 (UE)

Berlioz H. (1803-1869)
B-6-1105 Overture"Waverley"Op.1 (MA)
B-6-1158 Overture"Les Francs-Juges" Op.3 (MA)
B-6-0052 Overture"Le Roi Lear" (MA) 
B-6-0733 Overture"Benvenuto Cellini" (MA)
B-6-1094 Overture"Korsar" (MA)
B-6-1329 Overture"Beatrice and Benedict" (EU/ZEN)
B-6-0050 Overture "Le carnaval romain" (NH)
B-6-0051 3 piece from"La damnation de Faust" (MA)
:Hungarian march, Dance des sylphes, menuet des feux follets
B-6-1230 "Lelio ou Le Retour a la Vie"Op.14b (MPHM)
B-6-0049a Symphonie Fantastique (D)
B-6-0049b Harold in Italy (D)
B-6-1072 Symphonie Dramatique"Romeo et Juliette" Op.17 (EU)Fullscore
B-6-1083 Dramatic Legend"La damnation de Faust" (EU)Fullscore
B-6-0894 Grande messe des morts"Requiem" (D)Fullscore
B-6-0895 "Te Deum" (D)Fullscore
B-6-0896 Oratoria"L`enfance du Christs" (D)Fullscore
B-6-1188 Messe Solennelle (BR)Fullscore
B-6-1286 "Les Nuits D`ETE" for Solo Voice and Orch. (EU)
B-6-1369 "La Mort de Cleopatre" Lyric scene for Sp. and Orch. (MPHM)
B-6-1789 Opera"The Conquest of Troy", Fullscore (EFK)
B-6-1790 Opera"The Trojans in Corthage",Fullscore (EFK)

Bizet G. (1835-1875)
B-7-0053 Symphony C-dur (PH/OGT)
B-7-1456 Jeux D`Enfants Op.22 (EU)
B-7-1572 "Roma" Suite de concert No.3 (EU) 
B-7-0054 L`ARLESIENNE Suite No.1&2 (ZEN)
B-7-1748 Variations Chromatiues, for Orchestra arr. F.Weingertner (BW)
B-7-0022(a.b) Suite No.1&2 from the Opera"Carmen" (NH)
B-7-2439 Opera "Les pecheus de perles " (D) Fullscore
B-7-0055 Opera"CARMEN" (D/Peters) Fullscore
B-7-1061 Opera-Comique"CARMEN" (EU) Fullscore

Blacher B. (1903-1975)
B-23-1303 Concertante Musik fur Orchester Op.10 (BB)
B-23-2372 "HAMLET", Symphonische Dichtung (BB)
B-23-1896 Collage fur Orchester (BB)
B-23-2149 Orchester Ornament Op.44 (BB)
B-23-2127 Studie im Pianissimo Op.45 (BB)
B-23-2111 Kleine Marschmusik 1932 (BB)
B-23-2004 Poeme fur grosses Orchester 1974 (BB)
B-23-2035 Partita fur Streicher und Schlagwerk (EIC)
B-23-1308 Concerto for Cl. Fg. Hr. Trp. Ap. and Orch. (BB)
B-23-2170 "Virtoso Musik" for Violine solo, 10 B.W. Timp. Perc. and Harp.(BB)
B-23-2060 Variationen uber ein Thema von Clementi fur Klavier und Orch. Op.61 (BB)
B-23-1357 Orchestervariationen uber ein Thema von N.Paganini fur Klavier und Orch. (BB)

Bliss A. (1891-1975)
B-27-1879 Introduction and Allegro for Large Orch. (BH)
B-27-1883 Music for Strings (NVL)

Bloch E. (1880-1959)
B-24-1784 Sinfonia breve (SCH)
B-24-2135 Four Episodes for Chamber Orch. (BBN)
B-24-1807 Concerto Grosso No.1 for String orchestra with Piano Obbligato (BEB)
B-24-1791 Concerto Grosso No.2 for Strings (SCH)
B-24-1916 Suite Modale for Fl. and Strings (BBN)
B-24-1816 Concerto for Vln. and Orch. (BH)
B-24-2003 Suite Hebraique for Vla and Orch. (SCH)
B-24-1522 "Schelomo"Hebraic Rhapsody for Vc. and Orch. (SCH)
B-24-1949 Symphony for Trombone solo and Orchestra (BBN)

Boccherini L. (1743-1805)
B-17-1117 Concerto for Vc and Orch B-dur (OGT)

Boieldien F.A. (1775-1834)
B-15-0718 Overture to the Comic Opera"LE CALIFE BAGDAD"(EU)

Borodin A. (1833-1887)
B-8-0056 Symphony no.1 (MZ)
B-8-0057 Symphony no.2 (MZ)
B-8-0057a Symphnoy no.2 (EU)
B-8-0058 Symphony no.3 (MA)
B-8-0058a Symphony no.3 (GMI)
B-8-0063 Petite Suite, ed. by Glazunov (BES)
B-8-0059 Tone poem"In the steppes of central asia"(MZ)
B-8-0061(a.b) Opera"Prince Igor"(MZ)Fullscore
B-8-0062 Opera"Prince Igor"(MZ)Pianoscore
B-8-0064 Overture from the Opera"Prince Igor"(OGT)
B-8-0060(a.b) "Polowets Tanze"no.8 and no.17 from Opera"Frust Igor"(GMI)
B-8-0397 Finale from Opera-Bllet"MLADA"(MA)

Bortnyansky D. (1751-1825)
B-21-1258 Concert Symphony 1790 (MA)

Bottesini G. (1821-1889)
B-38-2443 Concerto for Contrabass and String Orch. No.2 h-moll ((Dob.)) Ed. Zorakovich

Boyarsky An. Al. (born 1932)
B-34-1968 "Prazdnichin`i den`" uvertyura dlya Simfonichskogo Orkestra (SK)

Brahms J. (1833-1897)
B-9-0065(a.b.c.d) Symphony nos.1-4 (D)
B-9-0771 Symphony no.1 (P)
B-9-0772 Symphony no.2 (P)
B-9-0773 Symphony no.3 (P)
B-9-0774 Symphony no.4 (P)
B-9-0066a Akademische Festouverture Op.80 (D)
B-9-0066b Tragische Overture Op.81 (D)
B-9-0066c Variationen uber ein Thema von J.Haydn Op.56a (D)
B-9-0301 Akademische Festoverture Op.80 (BK)
B-9-0067 Variationen uber ein Thema von J.Haydn Op.56a (BK)
B-9-0068(a.b.c.d) Complete Concertos (D)
B-9-0068a Concerto for Paino and Orch. no.1
B-9-0068b Concerto for Piano and Orch. no.2
B-9-0068c Concerto for Violin and Orch.
B-9-0086d Doppel-konzert for Vl. Vc. and Orch.
B-9-0665 Concerto for Violin and Orch. (BK)
B-9-0666 Concerto for Vl. Vc. and Orch. (BK)
B-9-0069 Serenade no.1 D-dur (BK)
B-9-0070 Serenade no.2 A-dur (BK)
B-9-0021 Hungarian Danses nos.1,5,6 (NH)
B-9-0071 Hungarian Dances nos.1,3,10. (BK)
B-9-0072 Hungarian Dances nos.1,3,10,17,18,19,20,21. (MA)
B-9-2190 Hungarian Dances nos.11-16, arr. by A. Parlow (AMP)
B-9-0073 Ein Deutsche Requiem (P)
B-9-0073a Ein Deutsche Requiem (P)
B-9-0664 Ein Deutsche Requiem (BK)
B-9-1310(a.b.c.d.) The Selected works for Voice and Orch. (D)
B-9-1310a Alto Rhapsody Op.53
B-9-1310b Song of Destiny Op.54
B-9-1310c Naine Op.82
B-9-1310d Song of Fates Op.89
B-9-0074 Liebeslieder Walzer Op.52(Lawson-Gould music publishers inc.)

Bridge F. (1879-1941)
B-26-1614 Suite for Strings Orch. (EFK)
B-26-1880 "Enter Spring",Rhapsody for Orch. (FM)
B-26-1893 "Oration"Concerto Elegiaco for Vc. and Orch. (FM)

Britten B. (1913-1976)
B-10-1799 Synfonietta Op.1 (BH)
B-10-0075 Simple Symphony (OX) 
B-10-1448 Spring Symphony Op.44 (BH)
B-10-1423 An American Overture (FM)
B-10-1453 Occasional Overture (FM)
B-10-1459 Overture"The Building of the House" Op. 79 (FM)
B-10-1787 Canadian Carnival Op.19 (BH)
B-10-0076 Variation and Fugue on a thema of H.Pursell (MA)
B-10-1462 Variations on a Christmas carol for Orchestra"Men of Goodwill"(FM)
B-10-1803 Suite for English Folk Tunes Op.90 (FM)
B-10-0077 Four Sea Interludes from Opera"Peter Grimes" (MA)
B-10-1563(a-d) Orchestral anthology Vol.1(BH)
B-10-1563a The Young person`s Guide to the Orchestra
B-10-1563b Matinees Musicales
B-10-1563c Soirees Musicales
B-10-1563d The Courtly Dances from Gloriana
B-10-1538(a-d) Orchestrala Anthology Vol.2(BH)
B-10-1538a Four sea-interludes from Opera"Peter Grimes"
B-10-1538b Passacaglia from Opera"Peter Grimes"
B-10-1538c Sinfonia da Requiem
B-10-1538d Variations on a Thema Frank Brigde
B-10-2217 Concert for Piano and Orch. Op.13 (BH)
B-10-1719 Concerto for Vl. and Orchestra Op.15 (BH)
B-10-2232 Double Comcerto for Vl. Vla. and Orchestra (CE)
B-10-1735 Symphony for Vc. and Orchestra Op.68 (BH)
B-10-1351 Diversions Op.21 (BH)
B-10-1300 "Scottish Ballad" for Two Piano and Orch. Op.26 (BH)
B-10-1570(a-d) Works for Voice and Chamber Orch.(BH)
B-10-1570a Les Illuminations
B-10-1570b Serenade for Ten. Hr and Strings.
B-10-1570c Nocturne, for Ten. obrigato instruments and Strings.
B-10-1570d Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
B-10-1116 War Requiem (BH)Fullscore
B-10-1317 Children`s Crusade Op.82 (FM)
B-10-1213 Opera"Peter Grimes"(BH)Fullscore
B-10-1214 Opera"The lape of Lucretia"(BH)Fullscore
B-10-1215 Opera"Albert Herring"(BH)Fullscore
B-10-1216 Opera"The turn of the screw"(BH)Fullscore
Ins -1900 "Mont Juic",Suite of Cataklan Dances for Orch. by L.Berkeley&B.Britten (BH)

Bruch M. (1838-1920)
B-14-0826 Concerto for Vl. and Orch. No.1 g-moll (P)
B-14-1209 Schottische Fantasie Op.46 (NH)
B-14-1518 "Kol Nidrai" for Vc. and Orch. Op.47 (MMP)

Bruckner A. (1824-1896)
B-11-1673 Ouverture in g-moll (MVW) L.Nowak
B-11-1274 Symphony no.0 (EU)"Nullte"Fassung von 1869(L.Nowak)
B-11-1981 Symphony no.1 (P) No.3840a Fassung von F.Schalk
B-11-0078 Symphony no.1 (BK) Linzer Fassung von 1865/66(R.Haas)
B-11-0899 Symphony no.1 (P) Linzer Fassung von 1865/66(L.Nowak)
B-11-1275 Symphony no.1 (MVW) Wiener Fassung 1890/91(G.Brosche)
B-11-0079 Symphony no.2 (ABV) Originalfassung (R.Haas) 
B-11-0900 Symphony no.2 (P) Fassung von1877(L.Nowak)
B-11-1284 Symphony no.3 (MVW) Fassung von 1873(L.Nowak) 
B-11-1277 Symphony no.3 (EU) Fassung von 1877(L.Nowak)
B-11-0884 Symphony no.3 (P) No.3840c Fassung von F.Schalk
B-11-0901 Symphony no.3 (MVW) Fassung von 1889(L.Nowak)
B-11-1269 Symphony no.4 (MVW) Fassung von 1874(L.Nowak)
B-11-0081 Symphony no.4 (BK) Originaifassung(R.Haas)
B-11-0825 Symphony no.4 (MVW) Fassung von 1878/80(L.Nowak)
B-11-0080 Symphony no.4 (P/UE1888years) No.3840d Fassung von F.Schalk
B-11-1754 Symphony no.4 (EU) Revised be Hans F.Redlich
B-11-0082 Symphony no.5 (ABV) Originalfassung(R.Haas)
B-11-0902 Symphony no.5 (P) (L.Nowak)
B-11-1945 Symphony no.5 (P) No.3840e Fassung von F.Schalk
B-11-0083 Symphony no.6 (BK) Originalfassung(R.Haas)
B-11-0084 Symphony no.6 (P) (L.Nowak)
B-11-2016 Symphony no.6 (P) No.3840f Fassung von F.Schalk
B-11-0085 Symphony no.7 (BK) Originalfassung(R.Haas)
B-11-0827 Symphony no.7 (P) (L.Nowak)
B-11-1747 Symphony no.7 (P) No.3840g Fassung von F.Schalk
B-11-1270 Symphony no.8 (MVW) Fassung von 1887(L.Nowak)
B-11-0086 Symphony no.8 (BK) Originalfassung(R.Haas)
B-11-0828 Symphony no.8 (MVW) Fassung von 1890(L.Nowak)
B-11-0087 Symphony no.9 (ABV) Originalfassung(A.Orel) 
B-11-1013 Symphony no.9 (P) Originalfassung(L.Nowak)
B-11-1022 Symphony no.9 (P/1903years var.Dodringer) No.3840i Fassung von F.Schalk
B-11-1413 Requiem (MVW)
B-11-0821 Te Deum (BBN)
B-11-1324 Messe d-moll (MVW) (L.Nowak)
B-11-1449 Messe e-moll 1866 (MVW) (L.Nowak)
B-11-1450 Messe e-moll 1882 (MVW) (L.Nowak)

Budashkin N.P. (1910-1988)
B-20-1172 "Poem of the Motherland" for Symphony Orchestra (SK)

Bush G. (1920-1998)
B-31-2043 Overture"The Spanish Rivals" (NVL)
B-31-1952 "The Guildford Symphony", Symphony No.2 (ELK)
B-31-2064 Divertimento for String Orchestra (GAL)

Busoni F. (1866-1924)
B-25-1621 Lustspiel-Ouverture for Orch. op.38 (BH)
B-25-1605 Tanzerwalzer Op.53 (BH)
B-25-1610 Rondo Arlecchinesco Op.46 (BH)
B-25-2357 Konzertsuite aus der Muzik zu Mozarts Idomeneo (MPHM)
B-25-1559 Concerto for Vl. and Orch. Op.35a (BH)
B-25-1628 Divertimento for Fl. and Orch. Op.52 (EFK)
B-25-1643 Concerto for Piano and Orch. with Men`s Choir Op.39 (BK)

Casella A. (1883-1947)
C-9-1599 "Pagininiana" Divertimento for Orchestra Op.65 (UE)

Catelnuovo-Tedesco M. (1895-1968)
C-15-2354 Ouverture No.2 "La DODICESIMA NOTTE" for Full Orchestra (RI)

Chabrier E. (1841-1894)
C-7-1472 Ouverture"De Gwendoline"(Enoch)
C-7-2413 JOYEUSE MARCHE (Enoch)
C-7-1252 "Espana"Rhapsody for Orchestra (EU)
C-7-1794 Fete Polanaise, Opera-Comique de"LE ROI MALGE LUI" (Enoch)
C-7-1828 Menuet pompeux, Orchestation de M.Ravel (Enoch)
C-7-1775 "BOURREE FANTASQUE", for Orchestra arr. F.Mottl (Enoch)
C-7-2406 Operetta"Une Education Manquee" (EMDM) Fullscore

Chaminade C. (1857-1944)
C-12-1903 Concertino for Fl. and Orch. Op.107 (ENOCH/AMP)

Chausson E. (1855-1899)
C-8-1400 Symphony in B Op.20 (EFK)
C-8-1278 Poeme for Vl. and Orch. Op.25 (MMP)

Chaves C. (1899-1978)
C-6-2421 Symphony No.1 " Sinfonia de Antigona" (SCH)
C-6-1642 Symphony No.2 "Sinfonia indeia" (SCH)
C-6-1134 Symphony No.4 "Sinfonia Romantica" (BH)
C-6-2079 "Horse-Power Suite", Ballet Symphony (BH) 
C-6-2018 Concerto for Vln. and Orch. (MM)

Chevillard C. (1859-1923)
C-13-1779 Ballade Symphonique Op.6 (DU)

Chopin F. (1810-1849)
C-1-0088 Piano concerto no.1 (PWM)
C-1-0622 Piano concerto no.1 (BK)
C-1-0089 Piano concerto no.2 (PWM)
C-1-0090(a.b) Piano concertos nos.1,2. (D)
C-1-0091(a.b.c.d) Works for Piano and Orch. (PWM)
C-1-0091a Variations Op.2
C-1-0091b Fantasie Op.13
C-1-0091c Krakowiak Op.14
C-1-0092d Grande Polonase brillante Op.22

Cikker J. (1911-1989)
C-14-2007 Slovenska Suite Op.22 (SHVB)

Copland A. (1900-1990)
C-2-1148 Orchestral anthology part-1 (BH)
C-2-1148(a)Piano concerto
C-2-1148(b)El Salon Mexico
C-2-1148(c)John Henry
C-2-1148(d)Fanfare of the Common Man
C-2-1148(e)Old American Songs-First set
C-2-1148(f)Old American Songs-Second set
C-2-1149 Orchestral anthology part-2 (BH)
C-2-1149(a)Quiet City
C-2-1149(b)Lincoln Portrait
C-2-1149(c)Danzon Cubano
C-2-1149(d)Clarinet Concerto
C-2-1149(e)Three Latin-American Sketches
C-2-1193(a.b.c.) Ballet music for Orchestra (BH)
C-2-1193(a) Billy the Kid Suite
C-2-1193(b) Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo
C-2-1193(c) Appalachian Spring Suite(orchestral version)
C-2-0815 Appalachian Spring Suite for 13 instruments (BH)
C-2-1147 Symphony no.2 (BH)
C-2-1140 Symphony no.3 (BH)
C-2-1384 Dance Symphony (BH)
C-2-1390 Orchestral Variations (BH)
C-2-1704 An outdoor overture (BH)

Corelli A. (1653-1713)
C-3-0741 12 Concerto Grosso Op.6 nos.1-12 (P)

Cornelius P. (1824-1874)
C-10-1676 Overture"The barber of Bagdad" (EU)

Ciurlionis M.K. (1875-1911)
C-4-0755 Symphonic poem"Sea"(SK)
C-4-0875 Symphonic poem"Forest"(MA)

Creston P. (1906-1985)
C-5-0974 Concerto for Marinba and smoll Orch. Op.21((SCH))

Cui S. (1835-1918)
C-11-2136 First Scherzo for Orchstra Op.1 (EFK)
C-11-1678 Suite Concertante for Vl.and Orch. Op.25 (BFF)