One Point English 2


* 街角で

  1. Would you know where the National Theater?        (国立劇場はどこ?)  
    Will you show me the way to the Braudway?        
    How can I get there?                   (ここからどう行けば、いいですか?)
  2. Where is the post office?                 (郵便局はどこ?)
  3. Do you have a map of English version?           (英語版の地図が有りませんか?)
    Don't you have English edition?             (英語版はないのですか?) 
  4. Let me see an English newspaper.             (英字新聞を見せて下さい。)
  5. Can you see the time table?                (時刻表を見せて下さい?)
  6. I need a subway schedule.                 (地下鉄の時刻表が見たい。)
  7. Can I make a one-day-trip there?             (日帰り旅行出来ますか?)
  8. How long does it take by train / bus?          (どれくらい時間が、かかりますか?) 
  9. Where do I get the ticket?                (チケットは、どこで売っていますか?)
  10. How much is the ride?                  (運賃はいくら?)
  11. Something is wrong with my camera.            (カメラが壊れた。)
  12. Is there a restaurant quiet and nice?          (いいレストラン知っていませんか?)
  13. Where is the nearest department store?          (一番近いデパートは、どこ?)
  14. Please let me see this one.                (これを見せて下さい。)  
  15. Do you have somthing nice that I can take back to Japan? (日本へ、いい土産物はありませんか?)

* お金がない!

  1. Please give me posatage stamp. / Can I get stamps?    (切手を買いたい。)  
  2. Waiter,check please! / Could you bring the bill?     (おあいそして!/勘定して?)
    Please separate the bill.                  (割勘にして!) 
  3. I have no money.                     (お金がない!)
  4. Give me some more discount.                 (もっと、まけてください。)
  5. I think the amount of the change is wrong.        (お釣りが間違っているようですね。) 
  6. I want to cash these traveler's check,please.       (トラベラーズチェックを現金に)
  7. Excuse me. What's the rate of exchange today        (今日のレートは?)
    between the Japanese yen and U.S.dollar?
  8. What does it cost? / What is the fare?          (いくら?)
    How much is it?

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