Q: How can I order ?
A: Firstly, please contact us through e-mail to get our fully illustrated catalogue.
We will sent it to you for free with some information about our distributor in your area.
Q: How can I pay ?
A: Bank transfer, paypal available.(JPY only)
Q: Do you deliver by air only ?
A: We usually deliver your orders by EMS(Express Mail Service), or SAL and sea-mail.
EMS delivery takes 4-7days, depending on your country. Other delivery methods are available on request.
Q: Do you offer equipment repair service ?
A: We provides repair service on request. The repair cost depends on the condition to be repaired.
Please contact us for quote.
Q: Do you have a name embroidery service ?
A: We do in Katakana, Kanji or English.
Q: Do you have an insurance on our orders ?
A: In case of EMS delivery, 20,000JPY can be returned.