Bogu/Keiko Gi & Hakama Sizing

Please provide us with the following measurements when ordering
Bogu ,Keiko Gi or Hakama

(1) Bogu
* Height * Weight * Waist size
* Chest size
* Men size (A) and (B)
(A) Measurement around from your forehead
(B) Measurement around from the bottom of chin
to the back top of your head

* Kote size (A) and (B)
(A) Measurement around your palm
(B) Measurement from the wrist to the top of middle finger

* Doh size (Back side opening size)

(2) Keiko Gi
* Height * Chest size * Waist size
* Sleeve length from middle of neck
to the sleeve hem
* Length from the collar to bottom hem

(3) Hakama
* Height * Waist size
* Outer leg length from the top of your hip
bone down to the floor.

Uniform Sizing Chart

* Note: Cotton hakama will shrink, sizes above reflect this fact. Tetron Hakama will not shrink after washing.
When purchasing Tetron, it is recommended that you verify the actual Hakama length required before placing
your order. Please contact us if you have any sizing questions.