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Shakuhachi Maker & Repair―SHINGETSU Profile of Shugetsu YAMAGUCHI
Shakuhachi Maker & Repair ―SHINGETSU Profile of Shugetsu YAMAGUCHI

Shakuhachi & Shakuhachi Goods
Shakuhachi & Shakuhachi Goods

Shakuhachi : a miracle out of bamboo
○My sincerity toward Shakuhachi.
I do not want to waste any pieces of bamboo in crafting Shakuhachi.
Bamboo does not grow to make a good Shakuhachi. We, humans, sift the bamboo to make a good Shakuhachi and dig it out. When we get to know that quality of this dug bamboo is not good enough to make an expensive Shakuhachi, some of us have no hesitation to throw it away. This is a behavior to blame, I believe.
I am responsible to make as a good Shakuhachi as I could out of the bamboo. I try to understand characters each bamboo has and turn out Shakuhachi.
This is my craftsmanship, and I am proud of every Shakuhachi I have made.

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