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Quantitative SIMS Analysis of Trace Metallic Impurities in High Purity Copper



Hiroyuki T. Takeshita (Osaka National Research Institute)
Takuya Kagawa (Matsushita Electric Works)
Ryosuke O. Suzuki
Toshio Oishi (Kansai University)
Katsutoshi Ono

’|‰º”Ž”V (‘åãH‹Æ‹ZpŒ¤‹†Š)
ì‘ì–ç (¼‰º“dHŠ”Ž®‰ïŽÐ)
‘åÎ•q—Y (ŠÖ¼‘åŠw)


J. Japan Inst. Metals, Vol. 60, No.3 (1996), pp. 290-294.

“ú–{‹à‘®Šw‰ïŽ ‘æ60Šª ‘æ3† (1996), 290-294•Å


Quantitative analysis of trace amounts of dominant impurities in copper, Ag, Fe, Ni and Pb, were studied using secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS). Based on the survey of the secondary ions species, which disturbed the detection of atomic ions of impurities, the removal of these disturbance is proposed as the two methods; applying the high resolution of mass spectrometry, and calculating the isotopic abundance. The precision, detection limit and relative sensitivity factor were experimentally discussed to establish the reliable quantitative SIMS analysis at the local area of high purity copper.