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Local Quantitative SIMS Analysis of Small Amount of Oxygen in Titanium



Hiroyuki T. Takeshita
Yoichi Tomii
Ryosuke O.Suzuki
Katsutoshi Ono

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J. Jpn. Inst. Metals, Vol.59, No.9, (1995) pp. 973-977.

{w 59 9 (1995) pp. 973-977.


Local quantitative analysis of small amount of oxygen in titanium was studied using the secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS). Cs+ ion was used for the primary ion beam, and 16O-, 64TiO- and 96Ti2- for the secondary ones. The intensity profiles of the secondary ions against energy at sputtering (energy profile) showed a good similarity between the cluster ions, i.e., TiO- and Ti2-. The precision of oxygen analysis was improved due to the similar energy profiles of the two analytical ions. Using the high energy resolution of mass spectrometer and the stable extraction voltage of secondary ions, the effect by mismatching in the energy profiles was reduced. The relative standard deviation of the ion intensity ratio I[64TiO-]/I[96Ti2-] was suppressed less than 10% over the oxygen concentration of 23 to 1540 mass ppm.