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Thermodynamics and Phase Diagram of the Ag-Cu-O System



Ryosuke O.Suzuki
Hiroshi Nishiura
Katsutoshi Ono
Ludwig J.Gauckler (Nonmetallic Materials, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH))


"Advances in Supercoductivity VII", Proc. 7th. Int. Symp. on Superconductivity (ISS94), Springer-Verlag Tokyo, Vol.1, (1995) pp. 373-376.


The phase diagram of the Ag-CuOx system was experimentally constructed. An eutectic reaction CuO + Ag = L1 (99at%Ag) at 1215K and a monotectic reaction CuO + L1 (98at%Ag) = L2 (34.5at%Ag) at 1242K were detected in air. TG experiments showed the weight loss at the monotectic temperature due to oxygen evolution. The oxygen content of L2 in air at 1242K was an atomic ratio (O/Cu) = 0.802 by the compositional dependency of oxygen loss. Under the oxygen partial pressure PO2 of 0.01atm, the mixture of Cu2O and Ag absorbed some amount of oxygen by the monotectic reaction at 1320K. Based on the isobaric sections in Ag-CuO-Cu2O system at the various oxygen partial pressures, the liquidus was estimated.