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Phase Equilibria in the Sr-Ca-Cu-O system



Ryosuke O.Suzuki
Katsutoshi Ono
Ludwig J.Gauckler (Nonmetallic Materials, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH))


"Advances in Supercoductivity VII", Proc. 7th. Int. Symp. on Superconductivity (ISS94), Springer-Verlag Tokyo, Vol.1, (1995) pp.357-360.


Phase equilibria in the system of Sr-Ca-Cu-O were experimentally studied at 1193K in air, and at 1153K in the reduced oxygen atmosphere. The isothermal section of phase diagram at 1193K was the same that reported below 1173K in air. At the oxygen partial pressure pO2 below 0.01 atm, the formation of (SrCa)1Cu2O2 was detected, whose maximum solubility was 22 at%Ca at 1153K. Based on the confirmed 3-phase compatibilities and their compositional relationships, some phase equilibria were thermodynamically predicted at the lower pO2 than in air. One of them was confirmed under the coexistence of CuO-Cu2O mixture.