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Thermoelectric Power Generation Using Hot Fluid Flow of Sodium


R. O. Suzuki, S-I,Toda*, S.Yoshikawa* and K.Tamayama*
* International Corporation and Technology Development Center, Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC), Japan


Proc. Joint Intern. Conf. on Sustainable Energy and Environment, (1-3 Dec., 2004, Hua Hin, Tailand), vol.1 (2004), pp.167-170.


A prototype system for thermoelectric power generation was studied as a potential heat recovery system from spent nuclear fuel at fast breeder reactor (FBR), which is cooled by liquid sodium. Experimentally, six modules consisting of 180 pairs using Fe2VAl cast alloy were mounted on the outer surface of a stainless tube which was internally heated by flowing liquid sodium. The element surface was directly cooled by forced air flow. The output power was evaluated to be about 4.2 W/m assuming that the entire pipe surface was covered by the elements.

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