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Mathematical Simulation of Thermoelectric Power Generation with the Multi-Flat-Panels


Ryosuke O. Suzuki, Daisuke Tanaka and Shin-ichi Toda*
*Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute


Proc. 22nd International Conference on Thermoelectrics, (17-21 August 2003, La Grande-Motte, France) The Inst. Elect. Elect. Eng.(IEEE), pp.550-553, (2003)


Electric power was estimated in the large-scale flat thermoelectric panels exposed to 2 thermal fluids. The output powers of the proposed 15 systems were analyzed from the viewpoint of heat exchange. The new non-dimensional functions were deduced for system design. The multiplied thermoelectric panels can decrease their total panel area necessary for the maximum output. The output from the multi-panels is only a few % smaller than that of 1 panel system.