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A New Concept of Sponge Titanium Production by Calciothermic Reduction of Titanium Dioxide in Molten Calcium Chloride


K. Ono and R. O. Suzuki


JOM: The Member J. Minerals, Metals. Mater. Soc., 54 [2] pp.59-61 (2002).


This article presents a new cell concept for calciothermic reduction of titanium dioxide and an ongoing test program for its experimental verification. The thermochemical background of this concept is focused and a new cell design is described. This system consists in a single cell, where both the reduction reaction and the electrolytic reaction for recovery of reducing agent coexist in the same molten calcium chloride bath. Theoretical electric energy requirement for this cell is about half of that for the magnesium electrolytic cell in the Kroll process.