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A Process For Continuous Titanium Production From Titanium Oxide


K. Ono and R. O. Suzuki


Proc. of Emerging Technology for Metals Production, (11-15 Feb. 2001, New Orleans, USA), Ed. by P.R.Talor, (TMS, Ohio, USA) pp.79-88, (2000).


A new process for extraction of titanium metal from its oxide is demonstrated. In this process, row material to be reduced is titanium oxide synthesized from ilmenite. The reducing agent is the Ca+CaCl2 two-phase mixture. Titanium is elaborated in the medium consisted of liquid Ca, CaCl2 and solid TiO2 at the temperature range 1200 to 1300K by means of mixing mechanically the ingredients in the reactor into a smooth paste. Fluidity of the feed which enables continuous scheme depends on the CaCl2 content. The oxygen level of the reduced titanium is the range 500 to 1000 mass ppm varying with the operational conditions. The Ca+CaCl2 reducing agent is taken out from the electrolysis of CaCl2 at 1140K, and this CaCl2 is produced by aqueous chemistry conversion using Cl2 gas recycled from the electrolysis.