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Enhanced Evaporation of Copper by NH3 Gas Blowing


R. O. Suzuki and K. Ono


Proc. of 10th International IUPAC Conf. on High Temperature Materials Chemistry (HTMC X), (10-14 April 2000, Juelich, Germany), Ed. by K.Hilpert, F.W.Froben and L.Singheiser, (Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany), Vol.15, Part II, pp.491-494, (2000).


Enormously high rate of evaporation from liquid pure copper was found when NH3 gas was top-blown. Smoke of fine spherical particles of Cu was observed by laser light sheet method. Nitrogen in the melt was supersaturated during NH3 gas blowing. The formation of an unstable and volatile copper compound such as CuNx or CuH was suggested in addition to the cooling effect due to endothermal decomposition of NH3.