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Solid State Deoxidation of Niobium by Vacuum Deposited Titanium


Ryosuke O. Suzuki, Masayuki Aizawa, Katsutoshi Ono


Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 284, [1-2], pp.222-227, 1999.


A two step deoxidation of niobium was proposed as an alternative for titanium external gettering. The proposal was experimentally confirmed. Titanium vapor from the melt was deposited in vacuum on the free surface of niobium samples, and subsequently the deposited samples were annealed to diffuse oxygen from the Nb bulk to the Ti coating layer. Due to the radiation heat during electron beam vacuum melting of Ti, the deoxidation by the Ti deposit occurred partially. Electric resistivity measurements showed a hundreds times faster deoxidation in the subsequent annealing than during external gettering. This fast deoxidation could prevent the Ti penetration into Nb. RRR measurements suggested that the annealing could be conducted at lower temperatures than for external gettering.