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Production of Titanium Powder by Reduction of Titanium Chloride in Molten Salt



Tetsushi N. Deura, Tomoya Matsunaga, Ryosuke O. Suzuki and Katsutoshi Ono

出浦哲史, 松永朋也, 鈴木亮輔, 小野勝敏


Molten Salts and High Temperature Chemistry, vol.41 No.1 (1998) pp.7-16

溶融塩および高温化学, vol.41 No.1 (1998) pp.7-16


A process for production of titanium powder directly from TiCl4 by Mg-reduction in molten salt is proposed that the reactants, titanium chloride and magnesium, are diluted in molten salt for the purpose of homogeneous nucleation of titanium. The relationship between the solubility of titanium chloride in the molten salt and the morphology of produced powder was investigated experimentally. The size of powder increased as the solubility of titanium chloride in molten salt increased. The mechanisms of titanium growth in the Kroll process and in the proposed process are discussed. (in Japanese)