Come and stay in THE MACHIYA HOUSE INN in Kyoto, JAPAN.

Experience the old-world ambiance of a unique local Machiya house inn one of our narrow inner-suburban Kyoto streets.

Artists are able to stay for an extended period to write, draw, paint, etc. This Inn is also an ideal opportunity for the study of Sado (The Way of Tea), Ikebana (Traditional Flower Arrangement) or any of the other traditional arts for which Kyoto is famous.

Staying in THE MACHIYA HOUSE INN is also a wonderful way to discover a facet of Kyoto normally hidden from the everyday tourist. 

Reservation information

The rate per room for 1 night is 4100yen (for either 1 or 2 persons) You need {1000 yen at the first day for a charge of our office work. Facilities include a bath, toilet, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave oven, frying pan, plates, rice cooker, thermos, etc.. Two sets of futons are supplied. And for another real Japanese experience please try the nearby sento (public bathhouse). For your comfort, rooms are supplied with an air-conditioner, kotatsu and electric kerosene heater. 

Guests will be given their own house key.

Periods of stay from 3night 4days to 3 months are possible.

If you or your friends are planning on coming to Kyoto, please call us in advance for a brochure.
For more information please contact R.Hagihara at the address below.

Info contact numbers:

R.Hagihara (not speak Engilish well)

Please only send her an e-mail 

stay and question

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