They are this homepage editing staff.
Do'nt you understand?
What we call equipment list.(^^)

Boss Kotobukijirushi

Kotobukijirushi I am in Nara. My wife call me 'Pooh Bear'.
I have taste for drinking Japanese Sake, play with my daughter. My favorite car 'White Bear' is always dirty for rain. (^^;
I have came off programing job. C++ Programing with Windows has gone to my hobby only.
I am making little accessory in Digital Design Technology. Would you try my software?

Retired Non-named cat

Non-named cat I do not have my name. I am only Pentium 166MHz's old cat. I am editing this home page with cheer up my old bones. Boss! Make me a name!!
And young cat Tama is cheeky. Oh, I am hangover today too. I was over drinking last night.

Custom PC, Pentium166, 64M-RAM, Removablex2(730M,360M)-HD, LAN, Mini-Tower
Windows95 OSR1/OSR2 Japanese version

New editor head White Hippo

White Hippo I am new chief editor White Hippo, have joined in the staff now. I am thickset white hippopotamus. Despite that I am youth, I will work in the chief of editor succeeded the old non-named cat. Please remember me even if I may became worry (unstable) or drive reckless (hang up).

Custom PC #2, Pentium4 2G, 512-RAM, Removablex6(20G,10G,8G,4G,4G,1.6G)+2G+40G-HD
AGP VGA, OnBoard LAN & Sound, SCSI-2 for MO and DDS-2, Mini-Tower
Windows2000 Japanese / WindowsNT 4.0 Japanese/English
WindowsMe Japanese / Windows98 Japanese / RedHat Linux 8.0

Reporter Tama

Tama I am mobiling cat going with my boss all time. The cat must have light footwork.

I am managing DDT software development, image retouching, document editing and internet, etc. as editing master is so old. Cameraman Digi-Came is my best partner.
Oh, old can bully me!

IBM ThinkPAD X31 Mobile-Pentium 1.6G 2G-RAM 40G-HD UltraBay2000 & DVD Multi-Burner
WindowsXP SP3 Japanese / Windows2000 SP4 Japanese

Cameraman Digi-Came

Digi-Came Thank you call me. I am Cameraman Digi-Came. In fact, I am a video camera, and take photographs too.
Recently Boss is importing miniDV into new editor head with IEEE1394. So-called digital video Editing.
Boss is digital-like for music, photo and video, then he is very happy

Sony PC-110 4&16 Memory Stick & IEEE1394 I/F

Librarian Moho

Moho I am Moho. I work job steadily as slow pace.
I make often mistake to administrate document, but I try hard.

OLYMPUS 640M-Byte magnetic optical diskdrive with Overwriting

Painter Printa

Printa I am printer just upgaded.
I was selected by Boss's wife for 7 colors brush, not Boss's self.
I am painting photos everyday for Boss's daughter. Boss get 5 years suppprt so out brushes are

EPSON Ink-jet printer PM-980C

Dish burner Ponta

Ponta I am Ponta born in Shigaragi. I burn the dishes because It will be tendency of the times.
I never burn the dishonest dishes. In fact my boss is log maniac and probably worried only Librarian, he likes to write into dish. Sometimes I born the musics to listen in the 'White Bear' for my boss's daughter.
After I join, Non-named cat is often waking up.

Panasonic LK-RW7585TZ

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