O's Town Medical Mall, Okubo-cho, Akashi-city, (physician, surgeon, pediatrician, otolaryngologist, dentist, pharmacist)
O's  Town  Medical  Mall

O's  Town  Medical  Mall

1999, we, physician, surgeon, pediatrician, otolaryngologist, dentist, pharmacist, get together and opened the O's Town Medical Mall.
As we cooperate closely, you can get the diagnosis and treatment from various angles. We hope to become your family doctor.
If necessary, we introduce you to the regional basic hospitals and keep in close contact with them.
To live healthy and pleasantly at your home, office, and community, we'll make a profound study, device and contribution. If you have a physical trouble, please consult us without reserve. All doctors can speak English.
Entrance  of  O's  Town  Medical  Mall
Yurinoki Clinic
TEL 078-938-0500
Internal medicine, Respiratory disease 
Closed : Sunday, Holiday and Thu. pm. Sat. pm.
Dr. Akinori Hashimoto

Nakamura Clinic 
TEL 078-938-0477
Surgery, Digestive disease
Closed : Sunday, Holiday and Thu. pm. Sat. pm.
Dr. Mamoru Nakamura

Yoshimura Child Clinic
TEL 078-936-1122
Pediatrics, Allergy
Closed : Sunday, Holiday and Thu. pm. Sat. pm.
Dr. Ryuta Yoshimura

Kihira E.N.T. Clinic
TEL 078-935-8733
Closed : Sunday, Holiday, and Thurseday
Dr. Shinya Kihira

Haruki Dental Clinic
TEL 078-938-0555

Pediatric, Orthodontia, General
Closed : Sunday, Holiday and Thu. pm.
Dr. Takanobu Haruki

Five Pharmacy
TEL 078-938-0521

Closed : Sunday, Holiday and Thu. pm.
Sumiko Yui

Access(Map)Yurinoki St. Okubo-cho, Akashi-city, Hyogo pre.
Entrance  of  Patient's  Parking
Patient's Parking

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