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Welcom to our church About us Pastor
 God does exist. We never exist by chance, but by God’s plan. His love is poured out on each one of us. When we know Him, and remain in faith toward Him, our lives change. I would not say that our lives become all right. Though we may have problems, we can find the way to go, and have enough power to overcome the problems, through prayers.

My earnest desire for everyone is to know God, but I will never force to believe Him. I wish you to come without worrying.

There are plenty of parking lots in the back yard. Families with young children can join the worship service, because we have a sound proof room with tatami-mats upstairs.

Weekdays I have time to listen to those who wants to talk, and pray for cares and troubles together. If you want to talk with a pastor, just come over anytime.

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 Our church is named “Lutheran Church”,  but it is a general protestant church. Lutheran Church is a Christian Church which follows Luther’s teaching, and is built not only in Europe but also in many countries worldwide.
 Our church is Lutheran, which means we hold on to the confession at the time of the Religious Reformation in 1517. We believe that the salvation is a unilateral grace from God alone, and to whom ever that believes in Jesus Christ the eternal life is given, no matter what he or she is.
 Our worship services may look like those of a Catholic church, compared to other protestant churches. You may feel too formal or solemn. My earnest desire as Pastor is that you would discover their meanings and wholeness.

15 minutes by slow walk from the north exit of Kintetsu Yagi Station  [ Map ]

Worship for adults : Sundays 10AM to 12
Children's Sunday School: Sundays 9AM to 10

Pastor Isao Eriguchi

 decision of devotion
 graduation of Kobe Lutheran Theological Seminary
 ordination of Pastor

From 2007 till present serving as the pastor in Kashihara Church 

Our goal as a church is to be a gathering of both young and old, like a family.
Counseling and Bible studies are available whenever as required. Please call in advance.

For Children / For thier future          
What's NEW    
 [ 夏のお楽しみ会での工作の様子 ]

 Children seem to have lost their standard and hope for their lives. They have increasing negative influences by accessing the world of internet.
 We want them to know another world. By sharing experiences in church together, we teach them about God. This has become impossible at school. We teach them God’s love through the Bible. We believe that they would definitely grow good characteristics once they have found God’s love.

 Children’s worship begins at 9 on Sundays, and also we enjoy together through fun activities and seasonal events.

 Our goal is primarily to share the truth of the Bible, and we will not force them to believe.  Parents can leave children to our care without fear.

 Sunday school 9AM to 10

Every second Sunday we offer calligraphy class.

There are also seasonal events, such as Somen noodle stream and fireworks in summer, and Christmas party.
2018年度 燭火礼拝のお知らせ

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