The Collected works of Kazuya Yoshioka
I feel very honored to be able to show you these “super dioramas” built by Kazuya Yoshioka on my website.
He lives in Kobe city that is right next to Osaka, and we have known each other for ten years.Kaz has been active in the area of military diorama building for a long time, a lot of his works are featured in many model magazines both in Japan and abroad.
"A picture's worth a thousand words." , please enjoy amazing dioramas created by Kaz. I will add more works to my gallery in the future. Don’t miss it!


" Jäger "  BANDAI 1/35

Kazuya Yoshioka 2007

"Marder III & B1 bis"

Kazuya Yoshioka 2008

"On the Offensive"
1/48th Scale

Kazuya Yoshioka 2006

" Beyond the battle line"

Kazuya Yoshioka 2006

"Super-Pershing, Tiger I, T34/85"

Kazuya Yoshioka 2005

"Towards the final victory"
The final objective : Kursk Kharkov-Belgorod 16-18 March 1943

Kazuya Yoshioka 2008

"German Panzerkampfwagen IV" Snow/Desert

Kazuya Yoshioka 2006

"Mortorcycle Fans, 1945 Germany"
SWASH DESIGN 1/35th scale metal kit

Kazuya Yoshioka 2004

"Westward Escape" Over the Towering Red Wall Berlin 1945

Kazuya Yoshioka 2003

The Hunter of Beasts

Kazuya Yoshioka 2003

"Hello baby" Miss July came to the base! Vietnam 1969

Kazuya Yoshioka 2002

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