Gallery "Allies WWII"
Here is a showcase of some my friends' masterpieces and a few of my humble attempts at diorama building. .Currently the list is a bit short, so bear with me for the time being. This list will expand over time to incorporate some of Japan's most avid diorama builders.


"D-Day Plus, Sword Beach 1944" by Toshihiro Kugimiya

” The death of the beast" by Sukottu - gurei

"Road to OMAHA, Normandy 1944" by Toshihiro Kugimiya

"M3A2 Half-track" by Yoshihiro Kido

"Encounter" by Takeshi Suzuki

"Pull Back --- Carentan.June.1944" by Hideyuki Miike

"Iwo-jima" & "The cowboy rider" by Takeshi Suzuki

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