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This page lists fuchsia-related or other websites proven useful or interesting to me.
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Fuchsia - Personal Pages, Japan

Hanana's garden website, with the vastest personal collection of fuchsias in Japan, and other plants she grows.
Fuchsia. JP, covering the every topics of fuchsias and beautiful photos of her fuchsia collection.
Fuchsia's World by Takizawa, featuring the photos of his fuchsia collection and growing process of seedlings.
The site author has been cultivating fuchsias for over 30 years in one of the coldest areas of Japan, where the temperature drops below -20 degrees Celsius during winter. Sorry , the site is closed.

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Fuchsia - Personal Pages, Intl.

Dutch fuchsia site, containing information on hardy fuchsias.
Kenneth Nilsson's fuchsia site, featuring a great number of fuchsia photos.The list of heat-tolerant fuchsias is very useful. * Sorry, link broken.
Jack & Joan Lamb's fuchsia species site, containing valuable information on the national collection of fuchsia species.
Ric Reilly's fuchsia site, containing lots of photos of fuchsia species as well as interspecific hybrids, together with important information on them. *Sorry, link broken.
Written in both Dutch and English, her site contains a lot of quality photos as well as detailed descriptions for each cultivar. The HERBARIUM section is also interesting.
Bilingual Blog (German/ English) about collecting and growing fuchsias. Emphasis on good photographs of Fuchsias, made by the author out of her collection of more than 300 hybrids. Fuchsias of the week with description.

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Fuchsia Societies

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Fuchsia - Commercial, Japan

Hanano Yakata (= The House of Flowers) is a gardening shop, supplying an increasing number of fuchsia varieties.

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Other Websites to Look

DELPHICA's website, covering the topic on translation, Greek classics, travel, gardening, etc., etc.
Chiho's web magazine, featuring the information on Kyoto, her lovely dog, recommended books and so on.
Mouzuika's website. His green thumb has made his site one of the most famous sources of information and places of communication among Japanese gardeners.
Geranium site by Iku from Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost region, offering an extensive range of information on Geranium, based on his practical experiences.
Nekoyama's photo site, featuring cats, roses and others. Both her photos and sentences are very impressive.
Hosaka's photo site, containing different genres of outstanding photos, such as stray cats, nature, street, and so on.

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Graphic Sources

Sources of web-based graphics I'm using for this site.
I'd like to express my appreciation for their graphics.
(site closed)
(site closed)

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