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This site is designed to share my experiences and knowledge with other fuchsia growers in Japan.

While an increasing number of cultivars are being introduced by suppliers, accurate information about this fascinating genus is not yet effectively distributed in Japan, let alone the information adapted to its climate.
How exactly winter-hardy or heat-resistant are fuchsias? What are the prerequisites for them to flower? Which cultivars should we choose to cope with Japan's adverse climate?
I hope this site can be of some help in finding the answers.

The site devotes a lot of space to the information which I think is useful for handling fuchsias in hot, humid climates in Japan, as I live in one of them.

I regret not all pages of this site are available in English language. For those who are interested, here is the outline of the pages written in Japanese language only.

Growing fuchsias:
Information on how I grow my fuchsias, including the growing cycle of my fuchsias, compost I use, tips for feeding, watering, propagation, choosing heat-tolerant cultivars, summer care and growing triphyllas.

Fuchsia FAQs:
Frequently asked questions on fuchsias and their answers.

Fuchsia miscellany:
This section contains a variety of articles on fuchsia-related topics, including Charles Plumier, glossary of gardening terms, the Angel Earrings ® / Sunangels ® series (fuchsia cultivars raised in Japan) and so on.

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Photo herbarium:
This section deals with my favorite plants other than fuchsia and the information on local botanical gardens.

Photo annex
Contains cat photos I took by my SLR cameras.

Terms in this site
Defines terms used in the site.

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