A List of Japanese Journals
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List of Japanese Journals and proceedings which are written in English

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  2. JT: means transliterated Japanese Title

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CGP Newsletter

Cahiers de Literature et Langue Francaises


Campana ; Suzuka International University Journal

Cell Structure and Function

The Center or Financial Industry Information Systems

[Center for Historical Social Science Literature, Hitotsubashi University] Study series

The Central Japan Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology

Chem-Bio Informatics Journal

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin

Chemistry Letters

Chiba Journal of Law and Politics

Chiba Medical Journal

Circulation Journal

The Circum-Pan-Pacific Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics '96 : Proceedings

Civilization 21

Clinical Education

Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology

Collected Treatises on English & English Literature


Comparative Culture ; the Journal of Miyazaki International College

Comparative Law Journal

Comprehensive Urban Studies

Computer Software - JSSST Journal

Contemporary Society

Contributions to the Fisheries Researches in the Japan Sea Block

Cosmica : Annual Report on Area Studies

Cultural Information Resources : Bulletin of the Faculty of Cultural Information Resources, Surugadai University

The Cultural Review

The Cultural Review


Cytologia : International Journal of Cytogenetics and Cell Biology

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DPRI Newsletter

Daito Bunka Review

Data of Oceanographic Observations and Exploratory Fishings

Descriptive and Applied Linguistics : Bulletin of the ICU Summer Institute in Linguistics

Dialogos ; the Proceedings of the Department of English Communication

Dokkyo University Studies in English

Dokkyo University Studies in Foreign Language Teaching

Doshisha American Studies

Doshisha Journal of Library and Information Science

Doshisha Review of Sociology

Doshisha Studies in English

Doshisha Studies in Language and Culture

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E-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology

East Asian Studies; Review of Asian Research Institute Osaka University of Economics and Law



The Economic Analysis

The Economic Review

The Economic Review

The Economic Review

The Economic Review

Economic Review, Shizuoka University

The Economic Science

Economics Today

Education in Japan ; Journal for Overseas

The Educational Sciences : Journal of the Yokohama National University

Ehime Medical Journal

Engineering Sciences Reports, Kyushu University

English and American Studies ; Journal of the Graduate School, Kyoto Women's University

English and English-American Literature

English Linguistics : Journal of the English Linguistic Society of Japan

English Literary Society Bulletin

English Literature

English Review

Environment Preservatiom

Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine

Environmental Research Quarterly

Environmental Science

Environmental Science, Hokkaido University ; Journal of the Graduate School of Environmental Science

Essays and Studies

Essays and Studies in British & American Literature

Etudes Francaises

Experimental Animals

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Faculty of Econoinformatics Review

Far Eastern Studies

Farm Management Research

Ferris Studies : college of music

Ferris Studies

Final Report of the Seventeenth APEID Regional Seminar on Special Education 1997

Finalcial Information Systems in Japan

Financial and Economic Statistics Monthly

Folia Pharmacologica Japonica

Foreign Affairs Studies

Forest Research, Kyoto

Forschungsberichte zur Germanistik

Fuji Phoenix Review

Fukuoka Jogakuin University Bulletin

Fukuoka Jogakuin University Bulletin

Fukuoka University Review of Commercial Sciences

Fukuoka University Review of Economics

Fukuoka University Review of Law

Fukuoka University Review of Literature & Humanities

Fukushima Medical Journal

The Fukuyama Economic Review

Funkcialaj Ekvacioj (Serio Internacia)

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Gakushuin Economic Papers; the Journal of Faculty of Economics Gakushuin University

Gakushuin University Studies in Humanities

Galaxea ; publication of Sesoko Marine Science Center, University of the Ryukyus

Galaxea, Journal of the Japanese Coral Reef Society

Genes & Genetic Systems

Geographical Reports of Tokyo Metropolitan University

Geographical Review of Japan

Geographical Sciences


Global Environmental Policy in Japan

Global Environmental Research

The Graduate School Review of the English Language and Literature

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HJU Studies in English Language and Literature


Hiragana Times

Hirosaki Economic Review

Hiroshima Jogakuin College General Education Bulletin

Hiroshima Journal of Contemporary Sociology

Hiroshima Journal of International Studies

Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences

Hiroshima Mathematical Journal

Hiroshima Peace Science

Hiroshima Studies in English Language and Literature

The Hiroshima University Studies Faculty of Letters

The Historical Review

Hitotsubashi Journal of Arts and Sciences

Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics

The Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and International Studies

Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Sciences

Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies

The Hitotsubashi Review

The Hiyoshi Review of English Studies

Hiyoshi-Studien zur Germanistik

Hogaku Journal : The Journal of Law

Hokkai Gakuen University Studies in Culture

Hokkai-gauken University the Journal of Economics

Hokkaido Journal of Dental Science

The Hokkaido Journal of Medical Science

Hokkaido Mathematical Journal

Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station Farm Management Research

Hokkaido Tokai University Bulletin, Humanities and social sciences

The Hokkaigakuen Kaw Journal

Hokuriku Journal of Public Health

The Hokuriku Journal of Surgery

Hokusei Gakuen University Graduate School Literature Review

Hokusei Review ; the School of Economics

Hokusei Review ; the School of Humanities

Hosei Journal of Sociology and Social Sciences

The Hosei University Economic Review

Human Cell

Human and Environmental Sciences

The Human Geography

The Human Science Research Bulletin of Osaka Shoin Women's University

Human Sciences

Human Sciences Review, St.Andrew's University

Hyogo University of Teacher Education Journal, Ser.3 (Natural Sciences, Practical Life Studies)

Hypertension Research

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IDRI Occational Papers

IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems

IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials

IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications

IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy

IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines

IEICE Electronics Express

IPAP Virtual Journal of Novel Superconducting Materials



Iichiko Quarterly International ; a journal for Transdisciplinary Studies of Pratiques

The In-Service Training Program for Foreign Teachers: Final Report

Industrial Health

Information and Communication Studies

Information Science Studies

Insecta Matsumurana New Series

Institute of Advanced Energy Kyoto University Annual Report

Institute of Advanced Energy Kyoto University News Letter

The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science Report

The Integrated Human Studies

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies ; Kiyo

Intercultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Information Sciences

International Abashiri Sumposium; Proceedings

International Christian University Publications 3-A. Asian Cultural Studies

International Christian University Publications I-A. Educatinal Studies

International Christian University Publications IV-B. Humanities ; Christianity and Culture

International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar: Proceedings

International Conference on Vocational Guidance at Ashiya University: Final Report

International Cultural Studies

International Display Workshops '96: Proceedings

International Journal of Environmental Creation

International Journal of the Society of Materials Engineering for Resources

International and Regional Studies

International Review of Business

International Symposium on Cluster Assembled Materials ; Proceedings

International Symposium on Ultra-high Temperature Materials '96 in Tajimi: Proceedings

International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors ; Proceedings

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