"Nanjing Tamasudare" is considered traditional art in Japan.
Then, I will do this traditional dance for you.
"Nanjing Tamasudare" was made about 400 years ago.
That was being done on the road in front of the house. Because that intended to bring happiness, the people saw a dance, and they were big joy.
It isn't seen in Japan recently.
A tool is made of the bamboo.
The bamboo of 56 round sticks connects it with a thread.
That is changed to the various forms by the person who dances.
The person who dances puts on his traditional costume.

Nanjing Tamasudare"
I sing "A sate and A sate", and strike the bamboo of the stick.
I change a form in a moment with setting up 56 bamboos.
The fishing pole, the gate, the hut and the bridge vary according to those forms.
That is old magic under the condition that it is changed into the form that sticks vary promptly.
When you see this dance, you will find that ancient Japan is attractive.
I hope that you enjoy my performance.
Then, that will give me big joy.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.