Arima Kenban,Wellcome Tanakaseki


Welcome to Geikos’ homepage. I’m Hinayo, the land lady of “Tanaka-seki”.
We’d like to introduce Geiko, or Geisha girl whose home ground is in the Arima hot springs resort.
My grand mother, my mother and I have taken successively over “Tanaka-seki” in the Arima kenban.


Geiko is a lady who professionally provides entertainment for guests at a feast (‘Ozashiki’ in Japanese) in Japanese style hotels, tourist hotels in or near the Arima hot spring resort. Dressed in ‘Kimono’ and often with their hair beautifully done in the old Japanese style, they entertain a group of people by playing ‘Shamisen’ (Japanese banjo), singing traditional songs, dancing to classical songs, or serving food and drinks.
Geikos are also present for the attraction events held in Arima.。


Photos at the attraction events
2009.1.2.  Irizome event
Dressed bronc Arima's geisha , cool a first hot water to moderate temperature

2008' Arima Autumn Festival

2008' Arima Campaign in summer

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199-4 Arimacho Kitaku, Kobe city, Hyogo Pref. Japan
Tanaka-seki Hinayo