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What's it?

This application is simple text-based database, saving short text and category. You can use to "ToDo", "Diary", "Simply memo" and other.


Main Menu

New Article
Create new Article.
Edit articles or category already registed.
Maintenance database.

New Article

You can input Category name, Caption, and article text. When push button "..." right side of "Category", you can select category name already registed article.

Save input text for new article. If editing registed article, save to new article.
Update article. If this article is not registed yet, disable this button.
Export this article attached by email.
Delete this article.

Category Menu

Show articles on this category, and category maintenance menu. Select article title, you can edit article already registed,

Push detail button side of article, show properties of article.

If set "Write protect" switch to On, disable "Update", "Trush" button on edit article.

Maintenance menu

New article...
Create new article and set category name.
Rename category
Rename category name.
Delete category
Delete all article under this category.

Find Article

Find article by input keyword. You can Select switch "In title", "In Article", limit to find Caption or Article text.

Import Database

Import database from Text file you exported. For import the file, you required web server can use http (ex: apache, Microsoft IIS, AnHTTP server, etc...) in Local network. If you has Mac and latest version of MacOS X, you can use http server "Web sharing".

  1. Select "Sharing" from "System preferences".
  2. Set check box of "Web sharing", and show IP address and URL for browse files on your Mac.
  3. Put database file under "~yourname/Sites".
  4. Check accesible file to input URL on browser.

Set switch to select action when find same article.

Replace all data to Imported.
When this set "On", replace database to import data and delete all articles already registed. If "On", ignore "Write protect" setting.
Find article same article, not import and skip to next article.
Overwrite article to import data.
Save as new article with another Itendify.

Export Database

Export article database attached by email.

Export data format used "Property list" (.plist)

Database format

Exported database used "Property list" format. Article set by "dict"(NSDictionary) in "array"(NSArray).

Format of Dictionary

Identify of article, format by GUID string(XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX). If not found articleId on dictionary, create new ID when inport.
Caption of article. If not found it, skip import this article.
Category name of article. If not found it, skip import this article.
Timestamp of article created. format by "MikeTime format"(http://mikeneko.creator.club.ne.jp/~lab/misc/miketime/). If not found it, set current time to Create Time.
Timestamp of article last update. format by "MikeTime format". If not found it, set current time to Update Time.
Text of article.

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