Updated! How to get Japanese lyrics readable in English(Romaji)->
Updated! How to get mp3 of your favorite Vocaloid song->
How to start making sub video of your own->
TIPS for Subtitle Workshop->

How to get Japanese lyrics readable in English(Romaji)
Last update : 2009/01/06

To get Romaji lyric, here's the way.
STEP 1. Search and find Japanese lyric at WIKI.
STEP 2. Traslate them into Romaji at traslation site.
->How to search and find Japanese lyric at WIKI
->Recommended traslation sites to change Japanese to Romaji.  Updated!
->Everything is too complicated? Here's 4-STEP LYRIC NAVIGATOR

How to get mp3 of your favorite Vocaloid song
Last update:2008/03/22

There are 3 ways I use to get mp3 when I can't find mp3 link given by the actual author, or the links are already dead. All mp3 you can get from these how sound slightly better then Youtube video since youtube compress vids.
Changed nicosounds url to valid new address.

Find link to ready-extracted mp3 in NICO SOUND by Google.  Updated!

If it's not found by google, you need to rip them out yourself by using NICO SOUND, NICO DOUGA sound ripper. This will tell you how.  Updated!

->USE PIAPRO ( ->What is PIAPRO? How do I sign up?> )
To get none video compressed mp3, you might want to use Piapro. Piapro is where a lot of Vocaloid artist put their mp3s up. (But not all artists do)

How to start making sub video of your own
Last update:2009/02/11

Here's hint to get started on making sub video.
But before you start, please download some subfiles from storage here.
You'll need file there to follow the steps in tutorial.

->Download softwares
->Edit SSA file with Subtitle Workshop
->Add sub file to a video using Virtual Dub

NOTE: This sub tutorial will tell you how to add basic sub. If you want have karaoke effect sub use, aegisub. There's nice tutorial at the offical page. =)

TIPS for Subtitle Workshop
Last update:2008/9/13

Add helpful script to Subtitle Workshop

When you save empty text lines in Subtitle Workshop, those lines won't be saved. So you can't really work on timing one time and save it, then edit text line next time. Even if you save it, timing without text line will be gone. To avoid that, you need to add this script.
(If you don't understand what I mean, run Subtitle Workshop, make new file, insert some lines by Insert key. Then save as SSA. Ternminate and run SW again, open the last file. All lines are gone!)

Here's how you can get one in few minute.
Open Subtitle Workshop folder and find folder "PascalScripts"
Make new txt file there.
Name them dot.pas
Open dot.pas with note pad and paste.

// Add dotted line. Made by Bedazzle.

program AddDottedLine;

// ---------------------------------------------

symboltoadd = '.';

n: Integer;
i: Integer;

txt: String;
n := GetSubtitleCount;

for i := 0 to n-1 do
txt := symboltoadd + ''#13''#10 + GetSubtitleText(i);
SetSubtitleText(i, txt);

// ---------------------------------------

After saving the file, run Subtitle Workshop to check.
If you followed direction here you should be able to find dot.pas in Tools > Pascal Script> dot.pas

To use it, Tools > Pascal Script> dot.pas
So once you get sub timing done, use it before saving. And you can now work on adding lines(captions) in some other time=D

How to master sub timing

Run the software.

Ctrl + N (This get you ready to add subs)

Open a video and song will automatically play.

In a start of phrase(musically)press Alt + Z
In what seems to be an end of phrase(musically)press Alt + X

Continue until the song is through.

If you don't know what I mean, watching one of my video might help. See how my sub shows up and vanish synchronizing(not quite though^^; ) with musical phrase?
That's the timing with pressing Alt Z and X.

Now because no one can help being few mili-second late,
adjust whole timing by using command

Alt + A (select all the lines you have made)

Ctrl + Shift + N (to -100 mili second)


Ctrl + Shift + H (to +100 mili second)

You could adjust lines directly by changing Show:00000000 Hide:0000000 value by typing in number or using up/down allow keys.

When you are through, Tools > Pascal Script> dot.pas
And save as SAA(Substation Alpha) file.

Now you can fix captions by altering "." with text anytime.=)
What is dot.pas? See tips before this.

How to send SAA file via e-mail

Open (title).ssa file by note pad
Copy by Ctrl + A Ctrl + C
Message by pasting them. =)

-What person who recieved the message have to do to get ssa as file

Copy to notepad and save as (title).saa