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Meaning of My Name: Shugetsu YAMAGUCHI
Shugetsu means gmoon in autumnh. In autumn, air is dry, cool and fresh in Japan,and this makes the sky look very clear and high. Please imagine the moon floating in such a beautiful sky. Since ancient days, Japanese have praised the autumn moon. Appreciating the autumn moon, we feel delighted, relaxed and heeled. My dream is to make people feel the same way by sounds from my Shakuhachi. To realize it, I have named myself after the autumn moon.
In Japan, when I receive the orders from players belonging to Tozan-ryu, I would call myself gSeizanh.
In Shakuhachi field, I have two names and switch one to the other depending on which Shakuhachi sect you are from.

Shingetsu: My Studio
I try to craft Shakuhachi with which players make sounds from their hearts.
My studio gShingetsuh is named after combination of two words; one is gShinh,
which means heart in English and the other is gGetsuh, which means moon in English.

My sincerity toward Shakuhachi
I do not want to waste any pieces of bamboo in crafting Shakuhachi. Bamboo does not grow to make a good Shakuhachi. We, humans, sift the bamboo to make a good Shakuhachi and dig it out. When we get to know that quality of this dug bamboo is not good enough to make an expensive Shakuhachi, some of us have no hesitation to throw it away. This is a behavior to blame, I believe. I am responsible to make as a good Shakuhachi as I could out of the bamboo. I try to understand characters each bamboo has and turn out Shakuhachi. This is my craftsmanship, and I am proud of every Shakuhachi I have made.
Every Shakuhachi has its own characters. It has different tones and sounds.
Even the same Shakuhachi sounds different, of course, when a different player blows it. No copies can be made.
This means that you can get your own sound, and I would be happy to help you find the sound of your own.

Playing Shakuhachi with your soul
Many players, both in Japan and abroad, play my Shakuhachi. As well as with their techniques in playing, many of them play it with their souls. It has been my great pleasure to meet these players, and I would be happy to meet more.

6 to 8 sun kan utaguchi kinsansentoumaki etc.

My Attitude in Making Shakuhachi
I take care of every step in making Shakuhachi. I know it takes time and stock is short.
However, in this method, a precise Shakuhachi with originality is completed.

Shakuhachi Length
Normal Jinuri, in other words Ji-ari, is made on your request, which is 1.0 up to 2.4 long.
Ji-nashi made by Shugetsu, which is also getting recognized overseas, ranges from 2.5 to 3.6.
If you want to get a Shakuhachi longer than 3.0, it would be recommended you come to my studio and let me have the space between your fingers measured, or I could send you the Shakuhachi before comleting it, and you could let me know your demands after seeing it. Also, please let me know which of your hands comes down when you hold Shakuhachi.

How to Take Care of Shakuhachi
The most important thing about caring Shakuhachi is not to let cracks come out on Shakuhachi.
This results from the dry air. Keep in a plastic bag in the moderate humidity.

utaguchi kanjiri 1 to 2.8 shaku kan

How to Place an Order
1. Please contact me by email and tell me the details of your order. I would be happy to hear you.

2. When I understand your demands on your order, I will let you know how mach your Shakuhachi and its shipping charge cost. When I receive your agreement by email, I will get start to make your Shakuhachi.
Please allow me about three months to complete your Shakuhachi.

3. When the instrument is completed, I will let you know so.
For payment, please make an international postal money order, which can be issued at your local post office, payable to Mr. Osamu YAMAGUCHI, and send the money order to my address.
When you cannot make the international postal money order, bank transfer could be accepted.
In this case, you are required to pay the transaction cost for currency exchanging with the original amount for your Shakuhachi and the transfer charge.

4. When the correct amount is received in Japanese Yen, your Shakuhachi will be shipped.