Access to SAKURA
From JR Kyoto Station

1) By train

Take the Kyoto Municipal Subway (Kyoto-shiei chikatetsu) Karasuma Line for Kokusaikaikan.
Get off at Marutamachi station (Station Number K07), and take the exit at Gate No.2.
It takes 7 miniuts and cost 250 yen.

2) By bus

Take the Kyoto Bus 9 for nichikamo-shako at Kyoto Bus terminal "B1" in front of JR Kyoto station.
Get off at Imadegawa station bus stop. It takes about 20 minutes and cost 200 yen.
DIRECTION from Marutamachi Station
Marutamachi Station
(Station Number K07)
Outside of Marutamachi Station
(Station Number K07)

Take the EXIT Gate No.2

Please turn to the right.

The front of McDonald's

Through the front of McDonald's (Don't cross the street !)
Marutamachi Street

Go Streight for about 800m along Marutamachi Street.
(to the West)
about 8 minutes

Horikawa-Marutamachi Cross Road Bus Stop "Horikawa-Marutamachi" Family Mart
(Convenience store)

Go Streight at "Horikawa-Marutamachi" Cross Road

Through the Bus Stop "Horikawa-Marutamachi"

Turn to the right at the corner of Family Mart.

SAKURA Apartment SAKURA Apartment

Going about 10m, you can find SAKURA at the left side.

Welcome to SAKURA !!

* Please find "
SAKURA" sign in front of the entrance.
* Please open the first gate and come in to the second entrance.
* Call us if you don't know how to get our guesthouse
from the station, we will tell you a direction.
We are waiting for you!

Please contact us for more detail!!! ^0^/
Tel 090-3359-6399 or 81-90-3359-6399

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