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Founde: International Batto-do Shizan Association:Ryuseiken

Mitsuhiro Saruta is the soke (head master)
of the Ryu Sei Ken sword system
International Batto-do Shizan Association founder

 Mitsuhiro Saruta's goal is to inform people, all over the world, of the beauty
of traditional Japanese BUSHIDO. Aside from his main school in Sakai, Osaka and the now under construction Hiroshima 
school, many prominent teachers of various style of sword and other martial arts have come under the RYU SEI KEN banner and teachings of Master Saruta. These schools act branches for Master Saruta as well. They can be found in Japan, Korea,
Philippines, and in many States Of the U.S.A. Aside from being called on as a guest to many tournaments and demonstrations In various countries, Master Saruta has been holding his own international Tournaments and the popular International BUDO Festivals for several years.
At the 1998 BUDO Festival in Elle Pennsylvania, he was awarded an Honorary Citizen of Distinguished Service, by the Mayor of that city.Along with 
his demonstrations of cutting TATAMI, WARA (rapped straw) and Bamboo, with real SAMURAI KATANA or sword, Master Saruta has also been known For his aggressive challenges of KABUTO WARI (the cutting of a steel SAMURAI helmet),And SENBON GIRI (the one thousand cuts of rolled TATAMI). We have no record of anyone else in the 20th century completing this challenge Without changing swords, or missing cuts. Master Saruta succeed in this Challenge in front of hundreds of people, on September 20th, 1998, at the Nagoya Tokai TV Hall in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.It took 1 hour 36 minutes and 36 second to complete.

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