Naramachi Walker


What they say?

I came on your walking tour last July and found it one of the highlights of my trip to Japan. 
Ruth (from Australia)
 Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful tour today. It was very interesting and I am so glad I chose your tour.
* Graham (from England)
Hello and thank you for such a wonderful tour of Naramachi. Your English was simply excellent and your love of Naramachi really made the tour interesting. It would certainly have been a shame to have been to Nara and not visited Naramachi. We learned so much from you. We would never have got to see the real Nara had it not been for you. Thank you so much.
Gary and Mary (from Australia)
Thank you very much for taking me and my sister on the walking tour of Naramachi. It was the best tour we had while in Japan and we enjoyed it very much. We appreciated the insight into the history and culture in the region, as well as the tea and sweet we had while on the tour! Thank you also for helping us to buy great tea in Naramachi and for recommending the restaurant for our lunch after the tour. Their food was delicious!...                    
Jaimmie (from Canada)
So I thought I would drop you a few lines to say thanks for your kind way of showing me Nara. It was very nice to get a little bit deeper into the Japanese life.            
Ejnar (from Denmark)
I really enjoyed the tour very much, especially the way you were guiding with smiling face, giving lots of information in depth was excellent.Ya I too liked Naramachi, nice that you like that place and you introduced me to that special area of traditionalJapan. Thanks a lot.    
Savitha (from India)
Thank you again for your fabulous tour......Your English is really great, and your explanations are very clear, even enlightening..... Your tour continues to stand out as one of the treasured experiences of my visit to Japan.                 
 Kim (from USA)
Thanks to your kindness. I enjoyed strolling in Naramachi area during your tour. You gave an intriguing explanation to us slowly so that I got it and enjoyed this scenic tour. This wonderful experience gave me a lot of priceless memories... Thanks a lot.
Yukako (from Wakayama, Japan)
Thank you very much for the guide. I enjoyed the Naramachi Walk very much. Because of your explanation I could get new knowledge about Naramachi. Thank you again.   
Makiko (from Nara, Japan)
Thank you for your interesting guide. We had a good time. I got to know the charm of Naramachi. 
Mariko (from Nara, Japan)