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Back country skiing at  Raicho-sawa valley & Turugi-sawa valley in Toyama prefecture


- Date : 5/18-20/2012
[5/18 : Snow]
Murodo bus terminal 14:00 -> 16:00 Lodge Tateyama-renpou
[5/19 : Fine]
Lodge Tateyama-renpou 08:00 -> Raicho-sawa valley -> 11:00 Turugigozen 11:30 -> down hill of Turugi-sawa valley -> Turugi-sawa hut 12:30 -> 13:30 Turugigozen -> down hill of Raicho-sawa valley -> 16:00 Lodge Tateyama-renpou
[5/20 : Fine]
Lodge Tateyama-renpou 08:30 -> 10:30 Murodo bus terminal 

- Member : KS (alpin ski), UE (snow board), Ogawa (telemark ski )


[the 1st day]
Murodo-bus-terminal was very crowded with many Chinese as if we were in Tibet.
We changed our plan to go Tanbo-sawa valley, because it was snowing hard. We went to the lodge we reverved directly.

[the 2nd day]
Today, our plan was to ski Turugi-sawa valley, very exciting piste for back country skiers.
I checked snow quality in front of the lodge because we had about 20cm-snowfall yesterday. I found no problem.

First we had to climb very hard slope of Raicho valley. I carried my skis with my sack.
Final slope to the ridge (Turugigozen)  is very steep, so we climbed carefully.

After a break at Turugigozen, we wore skis. To see the big slope of Turugi-sawa valley, I started anticipating.
The snow was heavy and deep but exciting. We marked own print on the big slope.
"take the good with the bad" ,after the 10minute skiing, we must have ascended for 1 hour to Turugugozen.

From Turugugozen we were going to ski Raicho-sawa that have very steep barn scaring us. Actualy I fell down at the bigining of the slope for anout 10m.
The snow was very heavey and deep. It was difficult to turn. But we felt satisfaction for the difficult skiing after we arrived at the lodge safety.
[the 3rd day]
We came back home directry.