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Back country skiing at Mt. Akasaka in Shiga prefecture


Mt. Akasaka's altitude is only below 1000m. But since it faces to the Japan Sea, we have a lot of snow fall and strong wind as same as in higher mountains. We can go to it easily from Kyoto, then KS-san and I selected it as a training for this season's backcountry skiing.

We arraived at the starting point, Makino ski area, at 11AM because of lots of snow. It was too late for us to arrive the top of Mt. Akasaka. We reached at 650m-altitude and enjoyed skiing to the starting point. 

- Date : 2/18/2012

- Weather : Snow

- Member : KS-san (alpin ski) , OGAWA (telemark ski )


- Route
(2/18) Makino ski area 11:00 -> 13:00 Hut 13:30 -> 14:30 650m elevation (return point) -> 16:00 Makino ski area