Gnathopogon elongatus as food

Grilled ones with little salt

Around the New Year's day of 2002 I caught around as many as 10 Gnathopogon elongatus (The size was 8.5 cm on average). They lived in a polluted river. Though I have known that Gnathopogon elongatus itself is delicious, and in the Kansai region of Japan we have been eating it in stead of Gnathopogon caerulescens from the old times, I did not like to eat them because of the polluted environment.

But, I thought that if they lay eggs in a clean environment made by me and the eggs grow up taking good feed to become grown up ones I would like to taste them.

If I can establish the technique of catching suitable-sized and suitable number of fishes as planned, I will be able to enrich the food culture in Japan, to make Gnathopogon elongatus family live long.

{Person No.2} says "Gnathopogon elongatus is not only delicious but also easy to breed than Gnathopogon caerulescens".

{Person No.9} says, after classifying and researching Gnathopogon family which consists of so called "MOROKO" having various quality but looking similar in the shape systematically as follows,
—1) Gnathopogon elongatus and Gnathopogon caerulescens are in the same genus.
—2) They are characteristically delicious.

On 6-10-2002 I had tasted together with my wife 4 autumn one-year-old Gnathopogon elongatus (they had the size of 7.25 cm on average) under grilling with little salt for the first time in my life. They hardly had any bad fishy-smell characteristic to river fishes for example Carassius auratus langsdorfi and Zacco temmincki and Zacco platypus etc, they had white meat, they had a plain taste and were delicious, their bones were soft, their scales were felt as if they were not there, so we were able to eat the whole fish.
My wife who had spent her preschool childhood time near the lake side of Lake Biwa and remembered the taste of Gnathopogon caerulescens said " this tastes as good as Gnathopogon caerulescens! delicious!" with a look of joy on her face.
I would like to taste the size of 10 cm ones with several friends together in the next chance.

You can taste Gnathopogon elongatus under grilling with little salt in such a way as follows,
First, you can keep them in a fish tank and do not feed them for two days after the catch of them.
Second, just before you begin to cook, you can take them out of the tank and wash them in the running city water and dry them on a cooking-paper and you can kill them by the shock on the back of their head, you cannot take out the entrails, you can sprinkle a pinch of salt over them.

How to grill is as follows,
First, you can heat a cooking-wire-net beforehand, and turn the fire small and put them on the net, when you go ahead the hot fish-oil starts bubbling out and the color of their body begins to change.
Second, then you can turn them over several times and go ahead heating until the skin color of them turns to "the color of fox", and you get the delicious ones.

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