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Concert Schedule

2019 Summer Tuba Euphonium Festival in Taiwan

July 29 - Augst 2, 2019  


Hiroaki Shiomi


Tubist with the Osaka Symphony Orchestra(OSO) since 1999, an Aioi-native Hiroaki Shiomi has been an active performer nationally and internationally.

Hiroaki Shiomi was born on June 4, 1972 in Aioi, Hyogo. He graduated from Osaka College of Music in 1995. He studied the tuba under Shigeo Takesada, Robert Tucci, Thomas Walsh, and Roger Bobo.

In 2002, he made his debut as a soloist playing “Concerto for Tuba” by Ralph Vaughan Williams, accompanied by OSO conducted by Kunihiko Makimura.
International Tuba Euphonium Conference held in 2012 and 2014, invited him as a guest artist where he held a solo recitals. His affluent musical expression was highly praised by world-famous tuba players.
He held a many solo recitals ever in Japan. In 2013 he went on a recital tour through Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and his hometown of Aioi. He has been developing his activities in Japan and abroad, and his mesmerizing performances are always highly regarded.

In 2014, he gave the world premiere of a commissioned work, “Concerto for Tuba” by Satoshi Yagisawa, accompanied by Waseda Setsuryo High School Wind Ensemble, which was praised as a great success.
He has released three solo CDs from Wako Records Inc.; “Road” (2006) , “Strange” (2010) , “Brand New Morning” (2013) , “Today is the gift” (2016) , “Shades of gold” (2018) .
“Brand New Morning” was nominated to ”Roger Bobo award” by international euphonium tuba association in 2014.

Besides his solo CDs, he is often asked to perform premieres of many newly composed and commissioned pieces for tuba, which contributes to development of music for tuba by Japanese composers.

He has been working as an instructor at Osaka College of Music. In the field of education he continue encouraging young players. He also involved in conducting wind ensembles and brass bands.



Symphonia / Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Concertino / Rolf Wilhelm
Love Song / Satoshi Yagisawa
Three Miniatures / Anthony Plog
Double Portraits / David Uber *
Sonata / Bruce Broughton
Romanian Dance No.2 / Ionel Dumitru
Tuba Concerto / Edward Gregson

Hiroaki Shiomi (Tuba)
Akiko Asakawa (Piano)
Hiromasa Kimura (Euphonium) *
Ichioka high school wind orchestra (conductor : Kouichi Akatsuka)



Capriccio / Rodney Newton
Fantasy / Kayoko Goda
Tomo ga sobani iruto iukoto / Daisuke Shimizu
Ballad and presto dance / Claude Thomas Smith
Tuba Concerto / Martin Ellerby
A Thousand Winds / Man Arai
Jumbo katsu roll / Hiroaki Shiomi*

Hiroaki Shiomi (Tuba)
Akiko Asakawa (Piano)
Black bottom brass band*


Brand New Morning

The Morning Song / Roger Kellaway
Variations in olden style / Thomas Stevens
Parallels / Áron Romhányi
Tuba Concerto for Tuba / John Williams
Yorkshire Ballad / James Barnes

Hiroaki Shiomi (Tuba)
Junko Oka (Piano)

Brand New Morning.jpg

Today is the gift

Live recording from Hiroaki Shiomi Tuba Recital 2014

Kuroshio’s messanger / Itaru Sakai
Today is the gift / Myosho Tokimi
Concerto grosso / Kazumasa Yamagishi
Tomoga sobani iruto iukoto / Daisuke Shimizu
Tuba Concerto / Satoshi Yagisawa
How beautiful / Barbara York
Very good morning / Roland Szentpali

Hiroaki Shiomi (Tuba)
Junko Oka (Piano)


Shades of gold

Three Sketches / Myosho Tokimi
Gabriel’s oboe / Ennio Moricone
Kuroshio’s messanger / Itaru Sakai
Today is the gift / Myosho Tokimi
Tuba Concerto / Satoshi Yagisawa
How beautiful / Barbara York
Concerto for Bass Tuba / Ralph Vaughan Williams *

Hiroaki Shiomi (Tuba)
Junko Oka (Piano)
Kenichi Osawa (Conductor) *
Tokai-city wind music band *